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  • Feature The Promising PS4 Games of October 2018

    This is the one

    Oh god, it's here. The big one. For real this time. October looks set to be the biggest month of the year for blockbuster titles. At this point you probably don't even need reminding, but we're going to go ahead and do our monthly Promising PS4 Games feature anyway. It's time to pray for your wallets as well as your free time...




  • Feature The Promising PS4 Games of October 2017

    No horrors here

    We're now into the busy last few months of 2017, and that means big release season is upon us. September saw the launch of juggernauts such Destiny 2 and, er, Knack 2, but October's looking like a real blockbuster month in its own right. Let's take a look at its promising PlayStation 4 games, shall we? Battle Chasers:...


  • News October PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    Big up the Boss

    So, what's in store for PlayStation Plus subscribers in October? Sony's lifted the lid on next month's offering, with PlayStation 4 users nabbing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Amnesia: Collection. That's a pretty stellar duo, isn't it? Yowza. Also on PS4 by way of Vita cross-buy are Hue and Sky Force...


  • Feature October on PS4 Is Packed with Promising Games

    Here are our highlights

    Can you believe that it's October already? The year seems to have flown by here at Push Square, and now we find ourselves on the very brink of the holiday rush. Indeed, this is one of the most packed Octobers in recent memory, with way too many notable releases hitting the PlayStation 4 over the next few weeks. As such, we've...

  • Poll Are You Happy with October's PlayStation Plus Games?

    Prime time

    The reaction to October's PlayStation Plus offering has been largely positive as far as we can tell, with PlayStation 4 users in particular looking forward to not one but two critically acclaimed titles in Transformers: Devastation and the current-gen version of the original Resident Evil. This month's selection follows on from a...