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  • News NieR: Automata Is Getting a Game of the YoRHa Edition

    It's going 2B great

    NieR: Automata didn’t really win many Game of the Year awards, but that’s not a requisite for a reprint these days. Gematsu has spotted an ESRB rating for a Game of the YoRHa edition, which will presumably come with all of the character action title’s DLC included on the disc. That title rivals any THQ Nordic pun by the way...





  • News A NieR: Automata Sequel Is Looking More and More Likely

    NieR enough

    NieR: Automata has been a surprise hit. Back in September, Square Enix announced that the action role-playing game had shifted over two million copies, so it's clear that the publisher is paying attention. As such, we wouldn't be at all shocked to see a sequel get revealed at some point over the next year or so.



  • News NieR: Automata May Very Well Have Saved Platinum Games

    2B's bubble butt cushions company to safety

    Platinum Games is no stranger to bombas, with practically every title that it’s developed flopping at some point or other. But you may remember that not too long ago, the studio was put in a difficult position: Xbox One exclusive Scalebound was cancelled, and NieR: Automata didn’t look like it was...


  • News Kat Cosplays as 2B in Gravity Rush 2 Next Week

    Flying blind

    Gravity Rush 2's blonde bombshell Kat will be borrowing the threads from fellow blonde bombshell 2B next week as free DLC. The iconic android's outfit will be added to the topsy-turvy title from 5th May in Europe and North America – though it's already out in Japan. You'll be able to choose whether the superheroine wears a...

  • News NieR: Automata Goes Backless 2nd May on PS4

    3C3C1D119440927 officially dated

    A quick update on NieR: Automata's first piece of DLC: it'll deploy on 2nd May in North America and Europe, the same day as the content – named 3C3C1D119440927 – is set to release in Japan. The add-on pack includes new colloseums, quests, and costumes – including 2B's rather lovely looking backless dress...

  • News Fancy a Better Look at 2B's Backless Costume in NieR: Automata?

    Oh, you're actually here for the new gameplay?

    NieR: Automata's getting new DLC which will add additional Colosseum battles to the game, alongside a fresh batch of threads for each of the title's primary protagonists. These outfits are based upon the origina—oh what the heck, here's 2B's backless dress in all of its glory: The add-on pack –...

  • News Square Enix's Top Brass Becomes Bad Guy in NieR Automata DLC

    Plus, 2B's taking off most of her clothes

    NieR Automata is getting new downloadable content which will allow you to take on Square Enix's top brass. The publisher's President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda and Platinum Games gaffer Kenichi Sato will both appear in new Colosseums scheduled to launch on 2nd May in Japan (and later in the West) as part of the...

  • News Gravity Rush 2's Free 2B Costume Is NieRly Perfect

    YoRHa android now

    As promised, Sony has teamed up with Square Enix to add a 2B costume to Kat's wardrobe in Gravity Rush 2 – and the results are great. The mash-up with NieR Automata was announced as part of a commemoration stream in Japan overnight, and you can get a little glimpse of gameplay featuring the new threads

  • News Square Enix Is Reprinting NieR on the PS3 Due to Popular Demand


    NieR has always been a cult classic on the PlayStation 3, but the fairly recent release of NieR Automata has raised its profile significantly. And to acknowledge that, Square Enix is actually re-printing the original and selling it on its web store in Europe. As of now, you'll need to join a waiting list, but the title will eventually...

  • News Swing Your Sword at NieR: Automata's MoCap Artist

    Not like that

    NieR: Automata isn't exactly an oil painting, but one of its best assets is its animation. And as has been going nuclear on Reddit over the weekend, here's star Kaori Kawabuchi doing her 2B thang: Hypnotising, right?

  • News NieR: Automata Shipments and Digital Sales Top 1 Million

    NieR enough

    NieR: Automata is absolutely the kind of game that's never going to be a mainstream success, but it certainly sounds as though the recently released action role-playing title has done well for itself. Publisher Square Enix has revealed that the game's topped one million across shipments and digital sales - a promising figure. Automata...


  • Guide 5 NieR: Automata Questions You May Need Answering

    Fast travel! Saving! Locked chests! More!

    NieR: Automata doesn't care for convention in the slightest. Yoko Taro's madcap action RPG actively does its best to defy expectations, but that means that it can be confusing at times. Because we're lovely folks who just can't resist helping you out, we've put together a list of some of the most commonly...

  • News Here's Your NieR: Automata Launch Trailer

    Nines everywhere

    Are you hyped for NieR: Automata? Of course you are! Even if you're not, this launch trailer should get you in the mood ahead of this week's release. The clip teases several of the set-pieces you can expect to find in 2B's campaign, but there's obviously so much more for you to discover in the final release. And if you're not sure...

  • News Nintendo Fans Allegedly Force Change to NieR: Automata Troll Item


    This is incredible. NieR: Automata is obviously a role-playing game at heart, and one of its minigames involves stopping at areas of water to fish for items using your robotic companion pod. However, while you can catch fish, sometimes you'll have to make do with junk items – one of which was named 'NIN64' in the original version of the...

  • News Here's 27 Uninterrupted Minutes of NieR: Automata PS4 Gameplay

    Take the blindfold off

    Whoa, it's March already, which means that NieR: Automata is out on PlayStation 4 very soon indeed. The anticipated action role-playing game has gathered a lot of steam over the last year or so, and if you've been wanting to learn more about what the title entails, from its design and structure to its pacing, then you may find...


  • News NieR: Automata Has Some Performance Issues on Both PS4 and PS4 Pro

    So NieR yet so far

    The team over at Digital Foundry are here to potentially spoil the NieR: Automata party with their latest video, which we've embedded above. Based on final code of the upcoming release, the publication has put Platinum Games' action role-playing game through its paces - and the results are actually pretty mixed. Automata targets...

  • News NieR Automata Lets You Buy Trophies with In-Game Cash

    Platinum standard

    With the game already readily available in Japan, some of NieR Automata's secrets are starting to trickle online. And it seems that the new game is as much a fan of breaking the fourth wall as its predecessor: complete the title three times and it'll allow you just buy any Trophies that you're missing with in-game cash. To be...

  • News NieR Automata Ain't Hiding 2B's Bubble Butt

    Skirting the issue

    Remember the hullaballoo revolving around NieR Automata protagonist 2B's botty? Turns out the dev team quite literally doesn't give a fudge. There's an option in the game which enables you to self-destruct, removing the character's skirt and revealing her bubble butt in all of its curvaceous glory. Don't believe us? Watch the...

  • News Meow! Gravity Rush 2's Kat to Score NieR Automata Costume

    Too good 2B true

    Ever wished you could kit out Gravity Rush 2 protagonist Kat in a little black number? Of course you have. There's good news, then, as during a NieR Automata stream in Japan overnight, it was announced that 2B's outfit will be added to Sony's topsy-turvy title as downloadable content in the future. No further details were revealed,...

  • News Play NieR: Automata with English Subtitles This Week

    NieR-er than you think

    Gagging for NieR: Automata? Of course you are – it's the next must-own PlayStation 4 exclusive after Horizon: Zero Dawn. And it's coming pretty soon: 7th March in North America and 10th March in Europe. But what if we told you there's a way to play it a little bit earlier? Tempting, eh? Well, pull up a pew, because we come...

  • News Wowza, NieR: Automata Has Some Sweet Looking Weapons

    Razor sharp

    Hacking and slashing, skewering and stabbing - NieR: Automata protagonist 2B certainly knows her way around a few different weapons, doesn't she? On display in the title's newest gameplay trailer, combat in the upcoming action role-playing release still looks stupidly slick as we get our best look yet at the android's impressive armoury...

  • News NieR: Automata's Pre-Order Trailer Is Probably the Best We've Ever Seen

    "Sh*t Square Enix!"

    We're going to level with you: writing about pre-order bonuses and collector's editions and all that kind of stuff usually isn't much fun. Thankfully, the PR folks over at Square Enix are clearly looking out for us, because they've gone ahead and decided to release one of the best pre-order trailers we've ever seen - and not...

  • News NieR Automata Scores Big on PS4 in Famitsu Magazine

    2B or not 2B

    Japanese magazine Famitsu is not necessarily the most reliable source for review scores given the various scandals and rumours that have emerged questioning its integrity over the years. That said, it's the only publication to print a score for PlayStation 4 console exclusive NieR Automata. And it's done well for itself – or, at the...

  • News Here's Half an Hour of Slick NieR: Automata Gameplay on PS4

    More than a slice

    Phwoar, NieR: Automata is looking pretty fast and fluid, isn't it? The PlayStation 4 console exclusive really shines in parts of the gameplay video that we've embedded above, which clocks in at over 29 minutes in length. In it, we get to see android protagonist 2B partake in plenty of combat, general exploration, and side...

  • News NieR Automata's Just Another PS4 Exclusive You're Going to Have to Buy

    2Good, 2B

    The PlayStation 3 had some really good years, but 2017 is shaping up to be vintage for the PlayStation 4. Already the system has played host to more exclusives than we have time to play, but it's only getting better as the months march on. NieR Automata is one such impending title that really looks like a must buy – there's simply not...

  • News NieR: Automata Dev Reveals Game went Gold a While Ago

    It just wasn't announced

    As is fashionable these days, developers like to proudly announce the point at which their games are finished and ready to be distributed, so we're used to seeing studios take to social media platforms and exclaim that their projects have gone gold. It's NieR: Automata's turn today, it seems. Posting on Twitter, producer...







  • News PS4 Exclusive NieR Automata's Still Lookin' Nice

    So NieR, so far

    It's been a little while since we last heard anything about NieR Automata, the Platinum Games developed action spin on Square Enix's cult PlayStation 3 series. However, as part of an event in Tokyo today, a few new minutes of gameplay footage – as well as a trailer – were shown to an excitable crowd. It's looking a bit of...


  • News Turn Down the Volume for NieR: Automata's Fan Message Video

    Scream if you're hyped

    When NieR: Automata was revealed last year at E3, there was reason to be excited. Developed by Platinum Games, the action role-playing sequel is a project that's obviously worth keeping an eye on - and today, Square Enix has taken the opportunity to thank fans for their support and enthusiasm up to this point. The video...


  • News PS4 Exclusive NieR Automata Looks Freakin' Rad

    Automata high

    Platinum Games know how to put together a flashy trailer, and while this video captured by DualShockers direct from the Paris Games Week 2015 show floor takes a while to get going – well, stick around until the 3:20 mark and you will be rewarded. We get a decent look at PlayStation 4 exclusive NieR Automata in action – and while...

  • News PS4's Exclusive NieR Sequel Subtitled Automata

    NieR, far

    No Japanese game is complete without a dodgy subtitle, and NieR New Project has been officially named NieR Automata today. The game is in development at Platinum Games for the PlayStation 4, and will take place on a devastated planet Earth, where human created androids battle 'Living Machines' sent by the enemies of mankind. It's probably...

  • News NieR's PS4 Sequel Is Being Built Almost Entirely by Platinum Games

    Does that studio ever sleep?

    Platinum Games must be the busiest developer in the industry right now. Not content with having just released Transformers Devastation, the Japanese studio is working on about a billion other games – all of which are due out on various platforms and being made for several different publishers. One such high-profile...


  • E3 2015 PS4 Exclusive NieR New Project Is Not a Sequel

    NieR, far

    Square Enix has dropped a handful of bombs this week, with Final Fantasy VII Remake finally becoming a reality and all that. NieR New Project, announced to be in development for the PlayStation 4 during Square Enix's press conference yesterday, was one such shock – as famed developer Platinum Games is leading production. And speaking...