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  • News Sony May Be Furthering Music Unlimited's Functionality on PS4

    Fine tuning

    Sony may be extending its audio options even further, as a recent report suggests that the PlayStation 4 and Music Unlimited service could be about to get a lot more friendly. Pocket-Lint caught up with Sony Network Entertainment's director of music Anu Kirk, who hinted that there are ongoing talks regarding the ways in which the...




  • News Music Unlimited Is Not Going to Be Totally Useless on PS4

    Sony amplifying streaming application

    Another announcement that got largely overlooked during Sony’s fruitful GamesCom 2013 press conference last week revolved around the improvements that the manufacturer’s making to its Music Unlimited application. While the service has garnered some popularity on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, it’s always...



  • News Music Unlimited Launches on PlayStation Vita

    Sound shapes

    We know what you’re thinking: “Why can’t I listen to Livin’ la Vida Loca on my PlayStation Vita?” Well worry not young Ricky Martin fans, because now you can. Sony’s announced that the application for its subscription based streaming music service, Music Unlimited, has launched on the PS Vita this morning, and is ready to...




  • News Music Unlimited Updated On PlayStation 3

    Sony's announced that it's updated the PlayStation 3 application for its on-demand music streaming service, Music Unlimited

    The application now boasts a variety of new features, in addition to a few cosmetic changes to better represent the service's overhauled branding. Fresh features include a new "My Channels" function which allows you to "build custom radio stations around your..


  • News Qriocity Rebranded As Sony Entertainment Network

    Sometimes simple terms are better than buzzwords

    Qriocity was never a good buzzword, and so it's with little surprise that Sony has announced it's planning on re-branding its digital delivery services as simply the 'Sony Entertainment Network'. Sony will drop the 'Powered By Qriocity' extensions to its Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services, keeping the branding straight-forward and simple..




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