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  • News Is Monster Hunter Finally Coming to the PS4?

    Rumours say so, but are they accurate?

    Who doesn’t love a 4chan rumour? Despite the generally dreadful track record of the infamous message board, legit leaks do sometimes crop up on the site, so you can’t always disregard them outright. And this chatter about Monster Hunter 5 has been heating up of late, so we’re going to drop a quick piece...


  • News Capcom COO: Monster Hunter Vita Has To Happen

    Good news all around

    One game made the PSP a success in Japan: Monster Hunter. With series sales in the tens of millions, it proved the system had a lot to offer and became a genuine phenomenon. Capcom would be foolish not to bring the series to Vita of course, and chief operating officer David Reeves knows it. Speaking to MEGamers, Reeves spoke of...