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  • News We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Compliments of the season to you

    Oh, hello! What are you doing reading Push Square when you should be squabbling with family members and quaffing mince pies? You wanted to see the next entry in our Game of the Year countdown? Fair enough. Well, while you’re here, why don’t you pop off your party hat and indulge us for a minute or two? Merry...


  • Talking Point What PlayStation Pressies Did You Get for Xmas?

    Receiving not giving

    Anyone that tells you Christmas is a period for giving is a liar – it's all about what you receive. Okay, that's not strictly true, but there's a chance if you're reading this website you'll have received some form of PlayStation related gift this year. And we want to know all about it. Did you get your first PS4 console...

  • News We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

    'Tis the season, after all

    Psst. Take off your party hat, put down your Christmas cracker, and fall away from your family for a second: we've got something to say. It won't take long, it's only a couple of words. Ready? Happy Holidays! Yeah, that was it really. To be brutally honest, this year's passed in a flash, so it only feels like a few...


  • Talking Point Did You Get Any PlayStation Gifts This Christmas?

    Share 'em with us

    It's Christmas Eve – actually, it's just gone midnight – and we don't have long to write this article, so you'll forgive us for excreting it out at the very last minute. But, we've written all of our Game of the Year stuff – keep reading the site over the coming week – and it's taken a lot of time. So, sorry this final...

  • News We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

    For the festivities

    I write this on a dark and dreary Wednesday evening ten or so days before Christmas. The build-up to the festive period is always stressful here at Push Square: personal business is complemented by frantic holiday writing, as we attempt to get our Game of the Year coverage in order and tie up any loose ends before we take a day...


  • Talking Point Post Pictures of Your PlayStation Pressies

    "OMG! It's a PlayStation 4"

    Christmas is a time of sharing, seasonal goodwill, and – let's be honest – plenty of presents. As you read this, we're guessing that there's a carpet of discarded wrapping paper beneath your feet, and an infectious grin plastered upon your face. The question is: which gift prompted your Nintendo 64 moment this year,...

  • News 'Tis the Season - Sony Hands Out Free Xmas PS4 Themes

    Check your inbox for extra gifts

    Sony always sends out a promotional present for the holidays in Europe, and this year is no different. Check your inbox for a message from PlayStation, and you should have a few free goodies to play with. Among our gifts was a LittleBigPlanet level creator kit, a free episode of the American Horror Story, and...

  • News We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

    Play another day

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – which is handy, because when you read this, the big day will have arrived. Before you get back to peeling potatoes and opening presents, though, we just wanted to take advantage of the season to leave you a message thanking you for all of your support in 2014. Push Square...


  • News We'd Just Like to Wish You All a Very Merry Christmas

    Play another day

    The carpet of discarded wrapping paper beneath your feet and the ill-fitting party hat atop your head suggests that your Christmas is well underway. As we write this a few hours before the big day, we’ve got our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan for you and your families. However, before you get back to your roast...


  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Christmas?

    Play another day

    Now that the chaos of Christmas Day is finally over, you can lean into the most enjoyable part of the season: the aftermath. Assuming you’ve done the sensible thing and avoided the Boxing Day sales, you should have the rest of the week to sit back and enjoy some quality time with your PlayStation 3 and Vita. Before we ask...

  • News We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Rockin' around the PS3

    It’s only been Christmas for a few hours, but we suspect you’ve already witnessed a ferocious family feud over the dinner table. How do we know? Well, because it’s much the same scenario in our neck of the woods too. We never imagined that spilled gravy would lead to the equivalent of World War III. Still, while the...