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  • News Mega Man 11 Blasts onto PS4 in October

    The rumours were true

    Over the bank holiday weekend, rumours began to circulate that the Blue Bomber's latest outing, Mega Man 11, would hit PS4 on 3rd October 2018. Well, the North American PlayStation Blog has just updated, and it turns out the game releases on 2nd October 2018. Whether it'll hit Europe at

  • Rumour Mega Man 11 Rocks Up on 3rd October

    According to Singapore store

    Mega Man 11 may release on 3rd October, if a listing on the Singapore version of the PlayStation Store is accurate. The game – which was surprise announced earlier in the year – aims to realise what Mighty No. 9 couldn’t, by bringing back classic side-scrolling gameplay with a fresh lick of paint. The blurb...




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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

    A bit of new, a bit of bold

    When we reviewed the original Mega Man Legacy Collection, we gave the game a favourable score, mentioning that it was an affordable compilation of classic ports that would fill your time ahead of the then-anticipated Mighty No. 9. A lot has changed since then. It’s no secret that Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor...


  • News Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Bombs PS4

    Four Mega Man games included

    After the disappointment of last year's Mighty No. 9, Mega Man fans may be pining for a return to the franchise's roots. Luckily for them, Capcom has announced Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which will bring four more Mega Man games to PlayStation 4 on 8th August in North America – no European release date has been...


  • News There's Much More Mega Man Coming to PS4

    Mega, man

    Following on from the success of the Mega Man Legacy Collection on the PlayStation 4, the Korean Ratings Board has outed Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Sony's new-gen system. According to the description of the title, the compilation will pick up where its predecessor left off, featuring Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man...


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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Six of the best

    Despite Capcom's best efforts to forget that he even exists, Mega Man's popularity with players endures regardless of the lack of fresh outings. Such is the gaming public's adoration of this pint-sized hero that they will gleefully crowdfund spiritual successors (Mighty No. 9, we're looking at you) in lieu of a genuine Blue Bomber...

  • Gamescom 2015 Mega Man Legacy Collection Aims for PS4 from 25th August

    Get ready to dodge pixels

    Mega Man fans, rejoice: not only will you be getting a great collection of the blue bomber's first six games, but it's coming out later this month. The Mega Man Legacy Collection will go digital for $15.00 on 25th August, and a boxed retail release - exclusive to North America for now - will follow soon after in early 2016,...





  • News Mega Man X4 and X5 Coming to PS3 and PS Vita Next Month

    That's mega, man

    Sound the good news klaxon: Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5, both of which originally released on the PSone, are coming to modern consoles this September. The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita will both be getting the much-loved pair in a move that's sure to delight Capcom fans and masochists the world over. Surprisingly, the release dates,...