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  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Passes 5 Million Milestone

    The big 5 M

    The PlayStation 4 has passed the five million units sold mark in its native Japan, which is a relatively impressive milestone for a home console in the Land of the Rising Sun these days. We suppose that congratulations are in order. And boy are we glad, because there's bugger all else to write about from a PlayStation perspective this...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Journeys to the Top on PS4

    PS4 sales also see a boost

    It doesn't come as much of a surprise, but Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has topped the latest Japanese software charts. The superb remaster shifted a reasonable 100,764 copies on PlayStation 4, while Gundam Versus enjoyed its second week in the top five. Meanwhile, sales of Sony's current-gen console actually...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Gundam Versus Soars to Number 1 on PS4

    PS4 and PS4 Pro still top hardware

    Almost 40 years after its debut, Gundam is still insanely popular in Japan, so it comes as no real surprise to learn that the latest Gundam video game has absolutely massacred the latest Japanese software charts. Gundam Versus - a PlayStation 4 exclusive - soared to number one, shifting a very respectable...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 and PS4 Pro Continue to Outsell Switch

    Stock locked

    Those reported Nintendo Switch stock shortages are having an impact in Japan, where the handheld hybrid console has once again been outsold by the combined efforts of the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Sony's systems shifted around 29,000 units despite the ongoing lack of new software. Speaking of which, the top five did see a new PS4...


  • Japanese Sales Charts All's Quiet on the PlayStation Front

    Summertime snoozefest

    Bad news if you thought the Japanese sales charts were about to get interesting, because for the millionth week running, there's bugger all happening as far as PlayStation's concerned. There are no new PlayStation 4 releases in the top 20, with Tekken 7 the only current-gen release remaining in the top five. Bandai Namco's...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Tekken 7 Juggles Its Way to Number 1

    Tekken it higher

    Well, there's only one worthwhile story to extract from the latest Japanese sales charts. Soaring straight to the top of the software list, Tekken 7 shifted 58,736 copies on PlayStation 4 during its debut. Certainly not an amount worth shouting about, but it's worth remembering that the series has traditionally moved more units in...



  • Japanese Sales Charts Darks Souls III Rekindles the Fire in Top 5

    PS4 sales continue to drop, though

    Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition - which includes all the game's downloadable content - has dodge rolled its way into the Japanese software charts, shifting 33,088 copies and landing in third place. Not too shabby for a re-release, but then, there's not much else to write about this time around. Yep, it's...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Continue to Drop as Software Dries Up


    The Japanese sales charts haven't made for especially interesting reading in weeks - at least as far as PlayStation goes. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch last month, the PlayStation 4 has been pushed out of focus due to a lack of notable software releases. Naturally, this also means that hardware figures are in a gradual decline, with...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Switch Steady As All Other Systems Slump

    A slow week in the East

    There's really not much to say in what was comfortably one of the slowest weeks for the Japanese games industry in some time. A steady supply of Switch stock has helped Nintendo's new hardware to hold strong, but all other systems – the PlayStation 4 Pro excluded – saw their sales numbers decline this week. LEGO Worlds...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Musou Stars Barely Shines as PS4 Has a Quiet Week

    Slow and steady

    There's no point in trying to sugarcoat it: these latest Japanese sales charts really aren't all that interesting. Two new PlayStation 4 titles made it into the software top ten, with hack and slash crossover Musou Stars entering in second place while the terribly named Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions...



  • Japanese Sales Charts For Honor Fights Its Way Into First Place

    Nioh keeps slashing in second

    Not content with conquering the UK charts earlier this week, For Honor has fought its way to first place in the Japanese charts too, selling 40,062 copies on PlayStation 4. Not a huge number, but Ubisoft's latest had no real competition, with the likes of Nioh following just behind. Team Ninja's well received action...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Nioh Takes a Stab at Second Place

    PS4 continues to top hardware

    Unfortunately for PlayStation 4 exclusive Nioh, it's had to go up against a new Dragon Quest game during its first week on the Japanese market, meaning that it was never going to snatch that coveted top spot. The critically acclaimed action title skewered second place, selling 75,477 copies - not a gigantic amount,...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Resident Evil 7 Regrows Its Limbs at the Top

    Boruto also enters the fray

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has remained at the top of the Japanese software charts, selling a further 52,665 copies on PlayStation 4. The horror title has almost hit the quarter of a million mark now, and it'll likely surpass that goal this week. It's not the kind of number worth screaming about, but it's a reasonably...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Resident Evil 7 Doesn't Quite Kill It

    Capcom's latest stalks the summit

    There's only one new release worth talking about in the latest Japanese software charts, and that's Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Capcom's well-received horror title entered in first place on PlayStation 4, selling 216,314 copies. Relatively speaking, it's not a bad number - most games these days do a lot less - but...


  • Japanese Sales Charts Gravity Rush Goes Top as Valkyria Revolution Flops

    PS4 still the hardware king

    Gravity Rush 2 has floated straight to the top of the latest Japanese software charts, shifting 74,361 copies. Certainly not an amazing number, but it's not quite terrible either, and it's an improvement over the sales of the original Gravity Rush. In any case, it's nice to see Kat at least make it to the summit - even...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Kingdom Hearts and Danganronpa Race to the Top

    PS4 still king of hardware

    It's taken quite a few weeks, but PlayStation's finally managed to get a couple of titles to the top of the Japanese software charts. The ridiculously named Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue jumped straight into first place with sales of 137,797 copies. Not a huge amount, but certainly a solid opening. Behind...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Keeps a Healthy Lead as Final Fantasy XV Nears 1 Million

    Fantasy's almost a reality

    There's not too much going on in the latest Japanese hardware and software charts, but it's nice to see both the PlayStation 4 and Vita ticking along rather nicely. Sony's current-gen console has enjoyed a relatively healthy run of late, and it's sold another 78,927 units last week. Given that the PS4 averaged around...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Ends 2016 On Top

    Last but not least

    The final Japanese hardware and software charts of 2016 are in, and the PlayStation 4 has reclaimed its place at the top of the former. Sony's current-gen console jumped Nintendo's New 3DS LL, shifting a relatively healthy 73,421 units. That means the PS4 manged to sell through almost 1.8 million units in Japan last year. Not an...




  • Japanese Sales Charts Battlefield 1 Blasts into First Place on PS4

    Sony's console still on top

    Battlefield 1's debut is the big talking point of the latest Japanese sales charts, with EA's World War shooter claiming the top spot of the software list. The historical foray sold through a relatively impressive 113,081 copies on PlayStation 4. Aside from NBA 2K17 entering in sixth, though, it's been another quiet...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Tomb Raider Leaps into the Top 5 as PS4 Stays Strong

    Only one VR title makes it into top 20

    Rise of the Tomb Raider jumped straight into the top five of the latest Japanese software charts on PlayStation 4, selling through 21,152 copies in second place. Not a huge amount, but it's really the only new PlayStation entry worth talking about. Well, aside from PlayStation VR Worlds, which sold through...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Enjoys Another Week at the Top

    Holding steady

    Unless you really like Monster Hunter spin-offs, there's not really much to talk about when it comes to the latest Japanese sales charts. Capcom's new Nintendo 3DS title unsurprisingly topped the software list, while the only fresh PlayStation release to make the top 20 was BlazBlue: Central Fiction. The stylish fighting game sequel...