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  • News Sony Could End Up Paying Millions to Angry Linux Fans


    Remember when you could install Linux on a PlayStation 3? If you answered "vaguely" to the previous question, then you may be eligible to compensation – well, $9 to be precise. For the past six years, Sony's been battling a class action lawsuit, which proposed that the platform holder wronged up to 10 million owners by removing the 'OtherOS'...

  • News Hello Games Settles No Man's Sky Legal Dispute with Sky

    Believe in better

    The primary satellite service in the UK is provided by Sky, a pan-European broadcasting firm founded by none other than Rupert Murdoch. And for the past three years, Hello Games has secretly been locked in a trademark dispute with the billion pound firm over the word, well, "Sky". That dispute, according to gaffer Sean Murray, is...


  • News Sony's Dropped a Clanger with This Let's Play Lark

    Company tries to trademark YouTube term

    Sony, why?! The early success of the PlayStation 4 can be assigned to the feel-good factor that the Japanese giant built around the format: the gamer-centric marketing, the agreeable policies, the Jack Tretton smackdown – so why the heck is the company jeapordising that by trying to trademark the popular...



  • Weirdness Man Blames PlayStation for His Bad Driving

    Jailed motorist didn't have a license

    A 24-year-old man who took police on a 100mph pursuit through Lincolnshire has admitted that he learned to drive on a PlayStation. Adam Jones crashed his way through Grantham like he was playing Burnout Paradise, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage along the way. It was subsequently revealed that he...





  • News That Ridiculous Killzone: Shadow Fall Lawsuit Has Got the Nod

    Seeking a resolution

    As if Sony’s lawyers haven’t already got their hands full with hack attacks, a judge has ruled that pending litigation regarding the misrepresentation of PlayStation 4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall’s resolution can go to court. Those of you with sharp memories will recall one individual suing the platform holder






  • Rumour Sony Wants the 'Net to Put Jodie Holmes' Clothes Back On

    Think of the children

    Considering director David Cage’s penchant for the odd shower scene, it was always inevitable that someone figured out how to strip Beyond: Two Souls protagonist Jodie Holmes down to her birthday suit. While the recent release's customary cleaning sequence is tastefully handled in the main campaign, one debug-owning video...

  • News Not Everyone's Particularly Happy with Grand Theft Auto V

    One rapper wants the game recalled

    Grand Theft Auto V has proven a critical and commercial success beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. Not only is the open world epic flaunting a 97 rating on Metacritic, but it’s also raking in revenue at a record breaking rate. In spite of its achievements, though, not everyone is particularly pleased with the g


  • News Sony Drops Data Loss Appeal, Will Have to Pay £250k Fine

    Chunk of change

    Remember when the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK fined Sony a whopping £250,000 for the PlayStation Network hack in 2011? At the time, the platform holder said that it planned to fight the charges – but it’s since dropped the case, meaning that the firm will be forced to cough up the extortionate sum. "After...



  • News PlayStation Store Reopens in South Korea on 16th May

    Gee gee, baby

    After being shut down last June due to a legal loophole, the PlayStation Store will finally reopen its doors for business on the PlayStation 3 in South Korea from 16th May. The service was originally closed due to a new legislation that made it illegal for users under the age of 18 to verify online accounts with their real name or age...


  • Rumour Take Two Wrestles the WWE License from THQ

    Blood, sweat, and tiny pants

    While the majority of THQ’s franchises found new homes yesterday, there’s still been no official word on the future of the WWE license. Early rumours suggested that EA had picked up the lucrative contract, but that’s been countered by an IGN report which claims that Take Two made a last minute bid for the series...

  • News Sony Fined £250,000 Over PlayStation Network Hack

    Chunk of change

    If you thought (or wished) that you’d heard the last of 2011’s infamous PlayStation Network outage, then think again. A UK government body responsible for investigating the hack has issued the platform holder with a £250,000 ($395k) fine, describing the attack as a “serious breach of the Data Protection Act”. The...

  • News Kevin Butler Actor Agrees Not to Promote Games for Two Years

    It only does settlements

    Remember the hullabaloo surrounding Kevin Butler late last year? It emerged that Sony was suing the character’s actor Jerry Lambert after he appeared in a Bridgestone commercial playing on a Nintendo Wii. At the time, the platform holder claimed that the advertisement caused “confusion in the market and damage to...

  • News THQ Franchises Available Individually, EA in the Running

    Open your cheque book

    Ever since creditors complained about THQ's quick sale to equity firm Clearlake Capital, things have gone from bad to worse for the embattled publisher. What initially seemed like a crafty way of protecting the company as on ongoing concern has quickly transformed into a bidding war for the firm’s most valuable assets – and...

  • News Judge Blocks THQ's Quick Sale, Warner Bros Starts Sniffing

    Scratches head

    Who fancies some serious legal mumbo jumbo before bed? THQ’s attempt at a quick sale to equity firm Clearlake Capital has been blocked following complaints from irked creditors. Earlier this week, the miffed parties noted that the proposed takeover had been purposely designed to minimise disruption, rather than maximise debt...


  • News PlayStation Network Hacking Lawsuit Tossed Out

    Justice at last

    Last year’s PlayStation Network hack proved a torrid time for Sony’s platform – but it was worsened by the knee-jerk reactions from some corners of the press. Cast your minds back to the hazy days of April 2011, and you’ll recall headlines regarding credit card fraud, identity theft, and more. In reality, while there was no...

  • News Bridgestone Denies Use of Kevin Butler Character in Commercial

    Shades of grey

    The controversial Bridgestone commercial featuring Kevin Butler actor Jerry Lambert was aired three days after the star’s contract with Sony expired, according to a story on the Hollywood Reporter. However, the performer was bound by an “exclusivity clause” that prevented Lambert from providing his services to competing video...

  • News Sony: We've Invested Significant Resources into Kevin Butler

    VP of Legal

    Sony has responded to reports claiming that it is suing Bridgestone and advertising agency Wildcat Creek over a commercial starring Jerry Lambert – the actor famous for portraying Kevin Butler in a slew of different PlayStation commercials. In a comment released to VentureBeat, the publisher’s senior director of corporate...

  • News Sony Is Suing Bridgestone and, Erm, Kevin Butler

    Bizarre twist

    Switch off Match of the Day and replace that cup of cocoa for something stronger, because things are really heating up online. A handful of court documents have revealed that Sony is in the process of suing Bridgestone and advertising agency Wildcat Creek – which just so happens to be managed by Jerry Lambert, the actor best known...


  • News Maroon 5 Frontman Sues Activison

    Joining an ever-growing list of musicians in palpable discontentment over Activision's Band Hero, Maroon 5 front Adam Levine has chosen to pursue legal action against industry scapegoat Activision

    As has been the case with previous detractors of Band Hero (and its basis, Guitar Hero), Levine is incensed over his in-game avatar's ability to perform songs written and otherwise performed by other..






  • News The BBC Defend Shoddy Playstation 3 Watchdog Report

    The BBC's Watchdog report on the Playstation 3's rarely mentioned YLOD hardware "defect" (read: not really a defect at all - Ed) was sloppy at the very best

    The report lacked cohesion and facts, serving only as a slanderous piece of uninformed journalism. But the BBC have rushed to the defence of their report.“More than 150 Watchdog viewers have contacted us to say they've experienced [the yellow..

  • News BBC To Air Damning Playstation 3 Report, Sony Respond With "At Your Peril" Document

    The BBC's consumer show Watchdog is to tonight air a damning report on the little known Playstation hardware problem, the "Yellow Light Of Death"

    The system error, which has caused some instances of hardware failure in early 60GB Playstation 3s, is the subject of tonight's episode on the BBC. In a seemingly furious response, Sony have documented an enormous 6-page response (which can be read over..

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