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    Review Flame Over

    Burn baby burn

    Flame Over's hot stuff for two reasons: it's got an eye for terribad puns and if you invest the effort it's actually a lot of fun. Laughing Jackal's self-described pyroguelike launched on the PlayStation Vita earlier in the year, offering the fiercest fire fighting foray on PlayStation since Konami's forgotten third-person douser...


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    Review Flame Over

    Prepare to fry

    Real world fire fighting requires perseverance, and Flame Over, a PlayStation Vita roguelike from British indie Laughing Jackal, demands a similar level of dedication. You control the ironically named Blaze, a London-based fireman with a big hat and a bushy moustache. Your objective is to work your way through the various randomly...



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    Review OMG HD Zombies!

    Do you have the deadication?

    After some zombie target practice as a PlayStation Minis title, the addictive OMG-Z is back as a full PlayStation Vita game, with Trophies, leaderboards, and a fresh lick of paint. OMG HD Zombies takes the original release's compelling mechanics, and gives them a good old polish, prompting you to venture deeper down the...



  • News OMG HD Zombies! Painting the PlayStation Vita Red

    Messy Mini gets macabre makeover

    OMG-Z, arguably the most moreish PlayStation Mini ever produced, is getting a full PlayStation Vita reboot. Following in the footsteps of Hungry Giraffe, Essex-based indie developer Laughing Jackal has confirmed that it’s currently applying the finishing touches to a full high-definition remake of the portable...


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    Review Hungry Giraffe

    Head and shoulders above the rest

    Originally launching over a year ago as a free PlayStation Mini with PlayStation Plus, Hungry Giraffe is the latest game to make the jump from watered-down budget piece to fully-fledged PlayStation Vita title. But while we enjoyed Mr. Giraffe’s original outing, do the new features in this upgraded version warrant...

  • News Hungry Giraffe Chomps the European PlayStation Store Tomorrow

    Cheaper than a Happy Meal, too

    The PlayStation Vita port of Laughing Jackal’s likeable mammal munching simulator Hungry Giraffe will scoff a space on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow for just £2.39/€2.99. The fast food-focused twist on the endless climbing genre will include online leaderboards, fresh power-ups, and a new storefront...



  • News PS Mobile Promotion Refreshes with Free Cubixx Next Week

    Cut down to size

    Laughing Jackal’s devilishly addictive Cubixx will be the next title to join Sony’s ongoing PlayStation Mobile giveaway next week. The three-dimensional reimagining of arcade classic Qix will replace Beats Slider on Wednesday, and will be available for free for the duration of a week. The puzzler has seen a number of iterations...


  • News Laughing Jackal Has Sold a Lot of PlayStation Minis

    Hungry Giraffe is almost full

    Laughing Jackal, the UK developer responsible for some of the most enjoyable titles on the PlayStation Minis platform, has sold close to one million titles worldwide. The studio – behind favourites such as OMG-Z and Hungry Giraffe – announced the news in a candid blog post, which included plenty of praise for the...