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  • News Killzone 3 On Kinect Makes Great Case for Buttons

    Sensor works on PlayStation 3

    We've written plenty about how good Killzone 3 is with PlayStation Move, but secretly we'd all love to know what it'd be like if played on Kinect. Now you need wonder no more, as an enterprising coder has got the sensor to work on PS3, and the first game on display is Guerilla Games' shooter. Naturally, as the game...


  • News Microsoft Pays Move Another Back-Handed Compliment

    "It's a great product but..."

    Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently said he owned a Move but preferred Kinect, and now Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has thrown his hat in the Move vs. Kinect ring. Speaking to Eurogamer, Greenberg initially attempted to dodge the question with the old reliable "there's room in the marketplace for both" line, but...

  • News Microsoft VP: "I Own a Move, but Kinect is Far More Immersive"

    Technologies "fundamentally different"

    Move and Kinect are two totally different technologies, offering widely varied gameplay experiences: we know this, you know this. Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer knows this too, talking up his company's motion sensor ahead of its US launch next week. Whilst Spencer claims to own a Move...

  • News Kinect Control is "Cumbersome", says Creator of Move and EyeToy

    Withering comments from Dr Richard Marks

    With all the excitement surrounding Kinect's North American launch next week, not everyone is on board with the idea of controller-free gaming, particularly one of the idea's founding fathers, PlayStation's Dr Richard Marks. The man behind PlayStation Move as well as its predecessor the EyeToy, arguably...

  • News Ubisoft CEO Sees Geographic Split for Move and Kinect

    Gadgets to dominate one territory each

    It's the showdown that gamers and industry insiders alike are anticipating to determine the future of PS3 and Xbox 360: Kinect vs. Move. "You are the Controller" vs. "It Only Does Everything", "No Buttons" vs. "Yay Buttons" and so on. Yves Guillemot, CEO of global...


  • Talking Point Can Move Conquer Kinect in the Long Run?

    Who will emerge on top of the HD motion wars?

    PlayStation Move has been around for a week now and, if user feedback and technological reviews are anything to go by, has impressed a great deal of people with its versatility and accuracy, if perhaps not its software line-up. The response from the majority of users is the fidelity of motion is far in...

  • News Sony says Thanks for the Extra Coverage, Kinect

    Move would be worse off without rival

    Kinect or Move? Move or Kinect? The two motion rivals seem locked in an eternal struggle to generate the most column inches in the gaming and mainstream press, but PlayStation head honcho Shuhei Yoshida is grateful it has a competitor in the field, as it wouldn't have been able to generate such interest on its...


  • News Sony Surprised By "Casual" Microsoft

    While Sony's been forthcoming about making PlayStation Move seem like an extension to a variety of different game types and genres, Microsoft's been very much gearing their "controller-less" Kinect device as something for the casual audience

    According to Sony's Worldwide Studuios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, this move has been a surprising one. "In practical purposes, those are Microsoft's strengths..