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  • News Kevin Butler Launches 'Hall Of Play'

    What's so special about Michael? We're all PlayStation fans here, we should all be honoured in a commercial of our own

    It seems Sony agrees, and has decided to dedicate a commercial to each and every one of us. All you need do is head over to PlayStation's official Facebook page, where platform mascot Kevin Butler will induct you into the Hall Of Play. Great times, readers. Great times.



  • News Kevin Butler Returns To PlayStation In Dramatic Style

    After concern that PlayStation icon Kevin Butler had quit Sony late last week, we can confirm that the straight-faced executive is back

    Sony's announced via the PlayStation Blog that it's launching a brand new marketing campaign with Butler at the forefront. The new campaign is entitled 'Long Live Play' and is set to takeover various websites, TV networks and retailers in North America from today..

  • News Kevin Butler Leaves Sony?

    It seems Kevin Butler, president of many things PlayStation related, is taking time out from the company

    The fictional character executive revealed on his Twitter account overnight that he is leaving PlayStation in order to head up his Uncle's economy flooring company. Butler even updated his Twitter profile picture to reflect the change. Whether this is a comical end to Kevin Butler's reign as..







  • News Kevin Butler Goes Hands-On with Tiger Woods

    Advert features vuvuzelas. Remember them?

    Fictional Vice President of everything Kevin Butler recently dissed puppies in an advert for EyePet: Move Edition, but he's far less disparaging about tigers in this new spot for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. If you fancy getting to grips with the Tiger, you can read our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 review to learn a...

  • News Shocking Truth: Kevin Butler Advert Proves Sony Hates Puppies

    OK, not really

    EyePet: Move Edition has just landed on the fair shores of North America, and Vice President of Everything Kevin Butler has taken to the airwaves to shout about the advanced features of the digital whatever-it-is. If you want a slightly longer appraisal of the game's features, faults and foibles, you can read through our EyePet: Move...



  • News Sorry New Zealand, There's Only One Kevin Butler

    Dear New Zealand TV channel TV3, We get that Kevin Butler's a sensation and all, and we really do love your accents, but you could have tried a little harder in ripping off someone else's advertising campaign

    Yeah, you could have stolen the ethos, the concept, etc. But c'mon. This is just a carbon copy. And it's a lame one at that. No wonder we prefer Australia. At least they give us Neighbours..




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