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  • News Sony Management Shifts See CEO Kaz Hirai Stepping Down

    Will become Chairman

    In a recent press release, Sony has announced a few changes to its management structure. CEO Kazuo Hirai, who has been in the top seat for six years, will be replaced by current CFO Kenichiro Yoshida. Kaz will instead adopt the roles of Director and Chairman. These changes are effective from 1st April 2018. Hirai-san led...





  • News Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Is Absolutely Raking in the Cash

    Exec's salary more than doubles

    According to Variety, ex-PlayStation president and current Sony CEO Kaz Hirai received a salary of $4.9 million for the fiscal year which ended 31st March – more than double his compensation from the previous year. It's the most the company has paid to a CEO since the firm was forced to reveal the wages of its top...



  • News Sony: PlayStation Innovation Is Simply Unparalleled

    Firm committed to offering the best place to play

    Sony has, on occasion, garnered a reputation for being a bit of a copy cat. Products like the PlayStation Move, for example, are often flaunted as an example of the organisation's lack of creativity. But in truth, the platform holder has been innovating since it entered the market, with the PSone's...








  • News Kaz Hirai Is Actually Quite Fond of Being an Internet Meme

    Considers it a representation of Sony's global visibility

    Pack it up, E3 is cancelled – this is the hottest news that we’re likely to post all week. Speaking in an interview with SGNL, former PlayStation boss and current Sony overlord Kaz Hirai has admitted that he actually enjoys being an Internet meme, as he finds that the work that people...


  • News Kaz Hirai Asserts the PlayStation 4's Focus on Games

    Hip hip Hirai

    Speaking at the D11 conference yesterday, Sony overlord Kaz Hirai reiterated that the PlayStation 4 is a console designed for gamers. Microsoft agitated its core fanbase earlier in the month by focusing its Xbox One unveiling on everything but games, but the former SCE president insinuated that an emphasis on strong software is...


  • News Sony Is Happy to Let Microsoft Reveal Its Next Console First

    Anything you can do, we can do better

    In between heated sessions of Ridge Racer (probably), Sony president Kaz Hirai has hinted that he’s happy for Microsoft to announce its next generation console first. Speaking with British newspaper The Times, the former SCE overlord said: "Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and...

  • News Kaz Hirai: PS Vita Sales Are on the Low End of Expectations

    Looking to the long term

    Speaking at a press event directly after the conclusion of last night’s CES showcase, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai admitted that PlayStation Vita sales are currently at the bottom end of the company’s expectations. “I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” he explained, adding that it takes time before a system...


  • News Kaz Hirai Claims PlayStation Vita Is Meeting Sales Targets

    But lagging behind in some regions

    Recently appointed Sony overlord Kaz Hirai has pointed out that the PlayStation Vita is performing near expectations globally, but that it's "trending behind in certain territories". Earlier this month, the platform holder revealed that the system had sold 2.2 million units worldwide. While Hirai wouldn’t reveal...



  • News Kaz Hirai Reveals "One Sony" Rescue Strategy

    Promises change

    As promised, former PlayStation president and new Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has revealed his rescue strategy designed to resurrect the ailing Japanese giant. The likable executive’s speech hinged on the idea of change and unification – something Sony has been striving towards with little success for years. In his presentation, Hirai...

  • News Sony Preparing for Biggest Annual Loss in a Decade

    The numbers aren't red enough

    We find it hard to believe there’s been a smile on new Sony CEO Kaz Hirai’s face since he started his new high-power role just over a week ago. One look at the company’s balance sheet would be enough to plant a permanent frown on even the most jubilant of personalities. Indeed, Sony has warned investors today that...

  • Rumour Sony to Cut 10,000 Jobs Before Year's End

    Hirai making his mark

    Sony’s financial troubles are well documented. If you’re not up to speed, then know this: the company is expected to report a whopping £2.1billion loss in its latest financial report. That’s not particularly healthy. Of course, that’s also the reason that former SCE president – and lifetime Ridge Racer fanboy – Kaz...

  • News Kaz Hirai to Reveal Sony Rescue Strategy This Month

    No time for jokes

    Expect to see the hairs on newly appointed Sony CEO Kaz Hirai’s head gently transition to a subtle shade of silver over the coming months. The fresh faced executive has announced a conference for 12th April where he’s expected to reveal his strategy to turn the troubled Japanese manufacturer around. With Sony predicted to lose...


  • News Hirai: "Sony Can't Go On Like This"

    Must change from the top

    Current Sony Computer Entertainment and future Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has spoken candidly about the company's future prospects to The Wall Street Journal. Speaking ahead of Sony's $2 billion loss in the last financial quarter, Hirai touched on the challenge facing him as the next CEO of Sony: We can't just

  • News Kaz Hirai Takes The Big Job At Sony, Officially This Time

    Long-time Ridge Racer fan, Kaz Hirai, has been promoted to president and CEO of Sony Corp, the company announced this morning

    He'll take over from Sir Howard Stringer — who will stay on as executive chairman until June — when the new roles come into effect on April 1st. Hirai's a long-time Sony employee, having cut his teeth in the...










  • Report Kaz Hirai Poised For Top Job At Sony

    SCE's current boss, Kaz Hirai, looks like he could be "Ridge Racing" his way to the top of Sony Corp, with a Bloomberg report placing him in the hot-seat to take Howard Stringer's president role

    He'll face competition from Executive Deputy President, Hiroshi Yoshioka. Stringer took Sony's presidential job in 2009, but at 69 years-old, he's looking for a "right-hand man" to lighten the..




  • News Sony's Kaz Hirai: Core Gamers Are Our Top Priority

    Yesterday, Sony said that they were surprised by Microsoft's decision to go for the casual gamer

    And it's little wonder. SCE's top-man, Kaz Hirai, has said that PlayStation Move, like all of Sony's gaming products, is aimed at the core gamer "first and foremost". "We've always believed that whatever it is we're doing, it's something that appeals to our core gaming audience first..


  • News Hirai "Confident" Sony Will Shift 13million PS3s This Year

    Sony Computer Entertainment boss-man Kaz Hirai is "confident" Sony will shift 13 million Playstation 3's by the end of the fiscal year in March, 201o

    Global reported sales for the first two quarters of this year stand at 4.3 million, but sales have been through the roof since then. Whilst 13 million seems like a far-away estimate, we must all remember that Final Fantasy XIII is due to launch in..




  • News David Reeves Retires From Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

    SCEE boss David Reeves is to retire from his position after being in the job since 1995

    "It has been a wonderful ride with PlayStation," said David Reeves in a [span.tagautolink autolink]SCEE[/span] statement. "I have just two things to say on leaving: I want to thank all of those people who have supported SCEE and me personally in the past 14 years; you have been magnificent!..