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    Review Just Cause 3

    A hankering for Scorpio

    Republished on Wednesday, 26th July 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of August 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Just Cause 3 can be best described as a catalyst for fun. The huge array of tools at your disposal, the sheer size of the...


  • News Avalanche Squashes Just Cause 3 Rumour

    Yesterday we posted a report from XBOX World magazine

    We should have known better there and then. The report suggested that Just Cause 3 was in development, and due for release next year. Unfortunately, developer Avalanche Studio hasn't got the foggiest idea where the rumours came from. "It's just a rumour and we're not releasing any game in 2012," Just Cause creator Christofer Sundberg..

  • Rumour Just Cause 3 Out 2012

    Ready for more ridiculous graphics and terrible accents? Good, because if rumours are to be believed Avalanche is hard at work on a new entry in the Just Cause series

    The news comes via XBOX World magazine (sigh, we know), which claims that the game is due for release next year. We'll take a new Just Cause, just less Bolo Santosi this time ta. [Thanks CVG]