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    Review Hustle Kings

    Worth a shot

    There were no shortage of pub games on the PlayStation 3 by the end of its tenure as Sony's flagship format, and the PlayStation 4 is picking off right where its predecessor left off. Following the release of VooFoo Studios' pretty Pure Pool last year, the Japanese giant has decided to port Hustle Kings – ironically, also originally...

  • News Free PS4 Pool Sim Hustle Kings Sneakily Rolls onto the UK PlayStation Store

    Pot head

    There was no mention of Hustle Kings in the latest European PlayStation Store update, but the pool simulator has quietly rolled onto the platform holder's online plaza in the UK. The free-to-play release, which is based upon the VooFoo developed PlayStation 3 title from a few years back, is available to download now, alongside various...






  • News Hustle Kings Racks Up a New Trailer

    Break 'em

    The PlayStation 3 already has a Hustle Kings game all its own, and the follow up Vita title in the series seems to be pretty much the same game, but with new touch and motion controls added on. Hustle Kings for PS Vita not only adds new controls, it also integrates with the PS3 version of the game, allowing Vita owners to go head to head...

  • First Impressions Hustle Kings on NGP

    No-one in their right mind should get excited over a pool game

    Considering the NGP's stunning line-up, Hustle Kings should be the game that gets easily overlooked. But with the promise of a new interface and intriguing new multiplayer options, Hustle Kings is an important component of the NGP's line-up in spite of its dry subject matter. Touch...

  • News Hustle Kings Promises Shiny Balls For NGP

    When Hustle Kings launched on the PlayStation Network it promised glorious high-definition visuals with startlingly accurate ball-physics

    And it delivered. Hustle Kings on the NGP is promising much of the same, with rear- and front-touch controls adding to the immersion of the experience. If it has the online gambling mechanic of its home console sibling, we'll be there day-one.