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  • News Bag Bargains with Humble THQ Nordic Bundle

    An impressive 11 games for a few quid

    THQ Nordic is back with another Humble Bundle bonanza, this time handing out around 11 games for a few measly quid. Even better is that this offer can be used with both North American and European accounts, so you don’t even have to faff around if you’re in the Old World. Among the titles available are...



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    Review Wizard of Legend

    Wiz kid

    Don your robes, muster up some energy, and head out on an adventure with Wizard of Legend, a procedurally generated, roguelike dungeon crawler from Contingent99, a new two man indie developer based in LA. You play the game as a wizard who is participating in the annual Chaos Trials, with the aim of conquering them and becoming the Wizard of...




  • News Donate to a Good Cause, Get Tons of Great Capcom Games

    Humble bundle

    At long last, PlayStation has partnered with Capcom to launch its very own Humble Bundle. For those not familiar with this initiative, it basically allows you to get a slew of great games by giving money to charity. You can pick how much you want to donate (you'll need to start at $1), but paying above the average will unlock access to...