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  • News Housemarque Canning Coin-Op After Commercial Flops

    Arcade is dead

    Housemarque is renowned for its arcade games, but the Finnish developer is moving on from the kind of coin-op experiences you’d typically associate with the company. Writing on its website, CEO Ilari Kuittinen explains that despite high reviews for releases like Nex Machina and Resogun, the studio’s games don’t sell in...


  • Video Feast Your Eyes on Nex Machina's First Levels

    Boom boom

    Housemarque be like: we need some more voxels in here, we need some more voxels in here. The latest game from the Finnish developer Nex Machina builds upon the blueprints laid by Resogun, but instead of being a twist on Defender it better resembles Smash TV. Check out the video for a look at the first world and so

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    Review Nex Machina

    Death machine

    Nex Machina reinforces Housemarque’s status as the undisputed king of the dual-joystick shooter. This collaboration with arcade veteran Eugene Jarvis (he of Defender and Smash TV fame) is a borderline perfect spin on the genre, as you take control of a futuristic space pilot pushing back against hordes of voxel-based robots. Your...

  • E3 2017 PS4 Blast-'Em-Up Matterfall Looks Promising in New Gameplay Trailer

    Well, shoot

    Sony unveiled our first glimpse at Housemarque's latest arcade shooter, Matterfall, during its pre-conference showcase. As you'd expect, it looks fast paced, frenetic, and full of visual flair - your standard Housemarque fare, then. Check it out above. It seems that a key aspect of the gameplay will hinge around creating and destroying...



  • News Resogun Maker Housemarque's Nex Machina Nabs New Features

    Season's greetings

    It's hard not to be excited for new Housemarque, and the Finnish outfit has this week outlined a little more about PlayStation 4 and PC shooter Nex Machina. On top of the blistering arcade action, you can expect to find a Seasons mode, which will change up the rules on a regular basis and see you competing with the community for a...




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    Review Alienation

    "I like to keep this handy, for close encounters"

    Housemarque is renowned for a couple of things: its consistently brilliant arcade titles with incredibly moreish gameplay, and its gloriously colourful visual effects. The Finnish developer's body of work is a kaleidoscopic tour-de-force, the games as vibrant as they are deceptively deep. It should...

  • News The Art Lead on Alienation Has Sadly Passed Away

    At just 42

    There's a bit of sad news coming out of Housemarque today: veteran Finnish developer Antti Kallioinen has passed away. Having worked in the industry for many years all around the world, Kallioinen joined the Resogun developer in 2012 in order to serve as the Art Lead on its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Alienation. "Antti...

  • News It's Time to Pick Your Class in Bombastic PS4 Shooter Alienation

    Suit yourself

    The time's come to argue with your friends over who gets to use what character class in upcoming PlayStation 4 shooter Alienation. Naturally, each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and is largely defined by which abilities it has at its disposal. Along with a gameplay trailer, the three images that we've embedded should...



  • News PS4 Exclusive Resogun Will Reload with New DLC Soon

    The crowd goes wild

    Like many of you, we blindly bought Resogun’s season pass earlier in the year, despite not knowing what it would actually entail. It’s been a few months since the title’s first pack, Heroes, deployed, so we’ve been patiently waiting for a fresh excuse to save the last humans. Fortunately, developer Housemarque has hinted...




  • Rumour PS4 Exclusive Resogun May Be Getting Local Co-Op DLC

    Standby for arguments

    Resogun is a remarkably intense solo experience. Dodging and weaving your way through millions of voxels is a complete thrill by any standard. But as we noted in our review, the game quite notably lacks a local co-op mode. And while the online multiplayer may be fun, it's not quite the same as having a friend sitting mere...

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    Review Dead Nation

    The portable dead

    Dead Nation was announced for the PlayStation Vita at E3 last year, and then was promptly forgotten about. A port for the PlayStation 4 came and went, offering the ultimate version of the zombie-filled twin stick shooter for fans who wanted better graphics and all of the DLC. Finally, almost as an afterthought, Housemarque’s...

  • News Wait, Did Housemarque Just Announce a Sequel to Resogun?

    Fingers crossed

    Do you like mysterious and intriguing tweets that hint at new and exciting games, without ever actually giving any concrete details? No? Neither do we really, but, in the words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want. Housemarque, the talented team behind Resogun – one of our favourite games of 2013 – is hard at...



  • News Resogun DLC Will Blast Away Your Boredom on PS4 Soon

    More humans to harbour

    Assuming that you’re not a fan of buxom British archaeologists and elaborately attired thieves, the PlayStation 4’s immediate release schedule is looking a little on the light side. Don’t distress too much, though, because Finnish outfit Housemarque is hard at work on some additional content for its free with PlayStation...





  • News Dead Nation 2 Concept Art Stumbles into Sight

    Bullet to the brain

    It seems like a sequel to Housemarque’s popular dual-joystick shooter Dead Nation was on the cards at one point. The official website of concept artist Amar Djouad features three pieces of artwork from the hypothetical follow-up, one of which includes dinosaurs. Sadly, according to the employee’s CGHub portfolio, the...