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    Review Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    Wronged number

    Dennaton Games' thrillingly brutal Hotline Miami caused quite a commotion when it was first set free, with the game amassing a diehard following due to its daring art direction and addictive, adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Now, almost two years after its release on PlayStation systems, it's time to don the animal mask once more and take...

  • Round Up Hotline Miami 2 Reviews Dial the Right Number

    Number games

    Dennaton Games' flashy Hotline Miami sequel may bear the subtitle Wrong Number, but there's clearly nothing wrong with the follow-up's review scores. Indeed, while March is packed to the brim with blockbusters, it's the indie titles that are taking all of the plaudits, as the murder-'em-up attracts a bevy of big scores. We've been put...



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    Review Hotline Miami

    Miami Visceral

    With the stylish murder simulator Hotline Miami first hitting the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the darling indie title has already achieved critical acclaim and a cult following of devout 80s obsessed adrenaline junkies. Just over a year later, the gory title sees a re-release on the...

  • News Hotline Miami Hurts People on PS4 Later This Month

    You know you like it

    We may have had to twiddle our thumbs a little longer than anticipated for Hotline Miami 2, but you’ll be able to feed your murderous desires on the PlayStation 4 this month courtesy of a cross-buy version of the original title. Writing on the game’s official Twitter page, a spokesperson for the series explained that,