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    Review Super Exploding Zoo


    Super Exploding Zoo, from Hohokum developer Honeyslug, should be a cute, light-hearted game: it's got cartoony animals, bright colours, and a peppy, happy soundtrack. But there's something about leading animals to their death that's slightly sinister – the hard stare in a dodo's eyes as he walks his last steps is unnatural and almost...




  • News Hohokum Slithers Away from PS4's Japanese Launch

    No laughing matter

    Originally intended for release alongside the PlayStation 4 in Japan, Honeyslug’s intriguing zen-‘em-up Hohokum now has a vague “sometime in 2014” release window attached to it. The title had been set to slide onto the next generation console on 22nd February in the East, but it will now take it easy until later in the...



  • News Frobisher's Lost His Trophies and He Wants You to Find Them


    After months of requests on the PlayStation Blog, independent developer Honeyslug has finally announced that Trophies are being added to its mad PlayStation Vita application Frobisher Says. The trinkets will be available as part of a new patch, which is set to launch later today. If that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also a new DLC...


  • News Frobisher Says Arrives in Europe for Free

    Play this stupid game

    Honeyslug’s whacky WarioWare-inspired Vita mini game compilation Frobisher Says officially touches down in Europe today for the grand sum of free. The brilliant Vita exclusive sees you pleasing a hilariously contrary child through a series of increasingly whacky demands. Poking otters, fighting bears and opening clams are all...



  • News Frobisher Says Is the Weirdest Vita Game So Far

    We have no words

    Frobisher Says is one of the most peculiar games we've ever seen. Designed to use every one of the Vita's control inputs, it's a collection of over 50 challenges using more than 20 different art styles, some of which you can see in the frankly bizarre screenshots below. While the idea of a bizarre mini game compilation might sound a...




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