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  • News Killzone 1 for PS3 "Indefinitely Delayed"

    Guerilla's in the mist

    The planned re-release of the original Killzone has been put on hold indefinitely, according to a tweet from the official Killzone account. The message simply says: With regards to KZ1 for PS3, not sure what happened but I've been informed that it's been delayed indefinitely. The game was originally supposed to be released in...


  • News Sony Closing Little Deviants Studio Bigbig

    Too Badbad

    Bigbig Studios, developers of the Pursuit Force games on PSP and, more recently, Little Deviants on PS Vita, is being shut down after over a decade of operation. Sony will also be restructuring SCE Cambridge, partnering them with Guerilla Games to work on Killzone for PS Vita. It remains unclear how many employees will be let go from...



  • News Here's How the Sharp Shooter Evolved

    It wasn't always sleek

    The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is a serious bit of kit, but it didn't just come together overnight, as the latest PlayStation blog post explains. The idea for the add-on sprang into the head of Guerrilla's Mathijs de Jonge while demonstrating Killzone 3's PlayStation Move controls to the press: We had several Helghast...



  • News Killzone 3 Beats Bulletstorm to Top UK Charts

    Gunning down opponents

    The long-awaited Killzone 3 blew up all-comers in the UK charts this week, outselling every other game to make it all the way to the top. The week's other high-profile release was Epic Games' multiplatform Bulletstorm which, in its Xbox 360-exclusive Epic Edition comes with beta access to Gears of War 3, but not even the...

  • Out Today Killzone 3 (North America)

    At last!

    After the betas and the demos stoked your bloodlust, you can finally purchase Killzone 3 across North America today. Fully playable with PlayStation Move for enhanced accuracy, the game also supports the new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter accessory that houses the Move and Navigation in a beefy-looking rifle. If you're jumping into Killzone...

  • News Know Your Enemy with Killzone 3's Facebook Application

    Warning: causes arguments

    It's easy to tell who's your enemy in Killzone 3 – the glowing red eyes and guns pointed at your face are a dead giveaway – but in real life it's not so simple. It's a good job, then, that Sony and Guerilla Games has created the Killzone 3 Know Your Enemies app for Facebook that aims to help you sort your friends from...

  • News Kevin Butler Lands a Double Advert Whammy for Killzone 3

    Shows Sharp Shooter too

    All our readers know there's only one way to play Killzone 3, and that's with PlayStation Move. Fictitious Sony Vice President Kevin Butler knows this too, and he wants to spread the word the only way he knows how: advertising. The first video shows the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter in Butler's paws while the second focuses...

  • Out Today Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo (North America)

    Give 'em Hel(ghan)

    If you've been dabbling in the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta you might be ready for a new challenge, in which case we have good news: the single-player demo is available for North American PlayStation Network members right now. The demo was released to PlayStation Plus subscribers last week but is now freely available for all...

  • Guides How to Be Better with PlayStation Move in Killzone 3

    Kill the competition

    PlayStation Move has now seen its controls implemented into a few FPS games such as MAG and Modern Combat: Domination (ModComDom) with good overall results. The Killzone 3 Beta is available now through the PlayStation Store with spot-on Move integration, and we at Movemodo want to help our readers out with our very own pro-tip...

  • News Guerilla's Move Groundwork Started with On-Rails Killzone 2

    Quickly abandoned

    Guerilla Games' Killzone 3 looks set to raise the bar for motion-controlled shooters, but how did the company set about sketching out ideas for its pointer-based system? Lead programmer Tommy de Roos explained to Ars Technica that the studio began its experiments with past title Killzone 2, looking to create an on-rails version of...

  • News Killzone 3 Dev: "Shooters Will be Played Like This in the Future"

    Sees bright future

    Many Move owners have been putting the controller through its paces in the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta, and developer Guerilla Games is so happy with the controller's prowess it foresees a big future for pointer-controlled first person shooters. Principal programmer Tommy de Roos of Guerilla Games spoke to CVG about the...

  • News SOCOM 4 Confirmed for 3D, Beta Coming with Killzone 3

    War gets beta

    It's wall-to-wall betas on PlayStation 3 at the moment: just as many gamers are ripping through the Move-enabled Killzone 3 beta, Zipper Interactive is bringing a beta of upcoming shooter SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals to PlayStation 3 owners soon. For a limited time, copies of Killzone 3 will contain access to the beta, which will be made...



  • News Move Can be a Bridge Between PC Gamers and DualShock Lovers

    Controller is mouse and keyboard-friendly

    We already know that DualShock players best Move users when it comes to Killzone 3, mostly due to the unfamiliarity of the Move technology compared to the well-worn DualShock controllers we've all been using for the best part of fifteen years. One part of the gaming population may find the adjustment easier...

  • News DualShock Players "Run Rings" Around Movers in Killzone 3

    Balancing issues ongoing

    A month ago we reported that Guerilla Games was unsure if DualShock 3 and Move gamers could face off online, and although it still hasn't made a decision it sounds as if the balance lies firmly with traditional controls. Speaking at Eurogamer Expo, producer Steven Ter Heide said that gamers experienced with DualShock 3...

  • News PlayStation Blog Hosts a Pair of Move Developer Videos

    Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 detailed

    Sony's official PlayStation blogs for Europe and North America are treasure troves of information: not just run by community managers, they also include posts from developers and staff from other publishers, giving a unique look into PlayStation games from all corners of the development world. This week's updates...


  • News Killzone 3 Developer Video Sheds More Light on Move Controls

    Zoom lock, grenade throwing and more

    Killzone 3 looks set to be a blockbuster whether playing it with Move or not, but this video showing the game's Move controls makes us think it might be a tough decision to make. Guerilla Games's Steven Ter Heide, who recently admitted the studio hasn't decided if Move and DualShock 3 gamers will meet online,...

  • News Guerilla Yet to Decide if Move and Dualshock Owners Can Face Off Online

    Will controls be fair for both?

    With the recent confirmation that Killzone 3 will support the Move controller in online play as well as offline, discussion naturally arose about whether gamers using the super-precise motion controller will have an advantage or disadvantage when playing against opponents using dual analogue controls. Steven Ter Heide...

  • News Killzone 3 to be Playable at PAX in Glorious 3D

    Two-dozen pods available for maximum Helghast chaos

    It's 3D, it includes Move support and it's swarming with Helghast troops: it can only be Guerilla Games' Killzone 3, one of the PlayStation 3's most anticipated games of 2011. If you're on your way to PAX 2010 in Seattle this weekend, make a beeline for the Killzone 3 stand as the game is fully...








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