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  • News UK Retailer GAME's New Elite Scheme Sucks

    Oh dear

    We try to defend specialist stores like GameStop as much as possible here at Push Square because we believe it’s important for the industry to have a major high street presence, but sometimes you’ve got to call a spade a spade, and UK outlet GAME’s new Elite loyalty card absolutely sucks. Like, it beggars belief it’s so bad. So...


  • News UK Retailer GAME Defends Paid PlayStation VR Demos

    "Intended to give our customers access to exciting tech"

    Update (25th October, 12:00PM BST): GAME has released a statement regarding its controversial paid PlayStation VR demo plan. The company told us: "Our pay-to-play PlayStation VR experience is a GAME-led initiative. The cost to use the in-store PS4 pod is entirely refundable for customers...




  • News PS4 Stock Arrives in GAME Stores Around the UK

    Limited availability, though

    Sony pleaded for patience with consumers struggling to find a PlayStation 4 late last week, and it looks like it’s finally getting around to replenishing British store shelves as we write. A slew of Tweets spotted by Official PlayStation Magazine show makeshift sandwich boards promoting the stock, which appears to be...



  • News Retailer: PlayStation 4 Will Revive the UK's Flagging Market

    Pre-orders for the next generation platform performing extremely well

    UK retailer GAME believes that the impending PlayStation 4 will successfully resurrect the nation’s troubled video game market. Chatting with, category director Charlotte Knight explained that pre-orders for the platform are “performing very well” at the...


  • News GAME Exits Administration, Stores to Remain Open

    Good news, everyone

    GAME Group's out of administration less than a week after it entered. Investment group OpCapita and Baker Acquisitions Limited negotiated a deal that will see all remaining stores continue to trade, securing the jobs of some 3,200 staff. Here's hoping this signals the start of an upswing for the chain.


  • News GAME Enters Administration, Closes 277 Stores

    2,000 made redundant

    GAME Group plc. has entered administration. The retailer filed for administration last week but, having been unable to find a buyer over the weekend, was officially placed into administration yesterday morning. Administrators PwC made an immediate impact on reducing the company's store portfolio, closing 277 stores with the loss...

  • News GAME Won't Stock Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or Ninja Gaiden 3

    Confirmed by the publishers

    UK Retailer GAME has missed out on a number of big releases in recent weeks as a result of losing its credit insurance, as negotiations with publishers and distributors have continued to break down. As the company reportedly seeks buyers, its been confirmed that two more high-profile PS3 titles won't be stocked by the...


  • News GAME to Stock Ubisoft Vita Games From Tomorrow

    All's well that ends well

    GAME stores will start stocking Ubisoft's Vita games tomorrow, according to a statement sent to VG247. Last week we reported GAME was not stocking Ubisoft's Vita launch games, but that should come to an end tomorrow when stock starts to hit GAME, Gamestation and the group's online stores. We've taken a look at some of...

  • News GAME Not Stocking Ubisoft Vita Launch Games

    Any of them

    UK high street retailer GAME will not stock any Ubisoft games at Vita's launch, VG247 has revealed. The nation's biggest specialist retailer won't be selling any of Ubisoft's games, a huge blow to the giant publisher with a reputation for emphatic day-one support of new hardware. That means GAME customers won't be able to pick up the...


  • News In Case You Wondered, GAME Hasn't Been Hacked

    In this post-PlayStation Network outage world, we're not really surprised when any company announces its database has been compromised

    It turns out we're not alone — as evidenced by the furore that erupted on the Internet this afternoon when someone claimed UK retailer GAME's website had been hacked. Thankfully there's no reason to change all of your passwords just yet, as GAME has said the..




  • News GAME Confirm PS3 Phat Upgrade Deals

    We posted recently about the possibility of Brish retailer GAME honouring an upgrade deal concerning the trade-in of a Playstation 3 Phat for a cheaper PS3 Slim

    We can confirm (via TSA) that GAME will be going ahead with the scheme. Those of you who trade in 40GB PS3s can get a new Slim for £119.99. Likewise, trading in an 80GB will get you a Slim for £109.99 and an original 60GB upgrade will..

  • News British Retailer GAME Cite PS3 Slim Upgrade Deal As A "Possibility"

    With previous SKU overhauls such as the Nintendo DS Lite to DSi, British retailer GAME have done "upgrade" deals, allowing customers to upgrade their older system at a nominal fee

    Speaking with our local GAME store's manager today, we've learned that a similar deal is a "possibility" regarding the PS3 Slim."The announcement was only yesterday," said our local GAME store manager..

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