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  • Hands On Twisting Metal with Crossout on PS4

    Wreckin' ball

    On paper, Crossout sounds like a sure thing: a vehicular combat MMO in which you customise battle cars to take into a Mad Max-like wasteland. At first glance, it looks like a delicious hybrid of Rocket League and Destruction Derby. And at this early access stage, the game lives up to those lofty comparisons, but with a few mechanical...


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    Review Skydive: Proximity Flight

    Don't try this at home

    What happened to extreme sports games? They were more popular than Mountain Dew towards the end of the PSone era, but the genre seemed to fizzle out faster than a ska band’s fanbase. Overexposure certainly contributed to Kelly Slater and crew’s sudden crash in popularity, but with only a half-hearted Tony Hawk to compete...


  • News War Thunder Marches onto the PlayStation 4

    Title targeting the 'leading next generation console'

    War Thunder, the first-person military MMO from Gaijin Entertainment, will rocket onto the PlayStation 4 later this year. In a press release issued earlier today, the Russian developer revealed that it will be leveraging the “potent power” of Sony’s next generation console to redefine the...


  • News Save the World One Song at a Time with Dance Magic

    Bust a groove

    We’ve always fancied ourselves as heroic popstars, but sadly we’ve got two left feet. Still, at least we’ll be able to live out our fantasy from behind the controller in Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games’ upcoming Dance Magic. The swish PlayStation Network exclusive – due out on 8th January in North America – promises...