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    Review Conan Exiles


    Conan Exiles is surprisingly good. When we first learned about an open world survival game themed on the Conan universe, we were tempted to write it off as a cash grab. And that might have been the initial idea, but the result is not only a labour of love for the genre, but also the barbarian himself. Picture the scene: you're a...



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    Review The Park

    Do you wanna ride the rollercoaster?

    While developer Funcom's last console release, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, never found its way to a PlayStation platform, its newest title, The Park – developed by the firm's Oslo branch – does find its way onto Sony hardware. The Park is a story that supposedly takes place in the world of one of Funcom's...


  • News The Park Clowns Around on PS4 in 2016

    Park life

    Funcom's bringing its survival horror experiment The Park to the PlayStation 4 in 2016. The psychological trip through a dilapidated funfair launched on the PC earlier in the year, but has now set its beady eyes upon Sony's new-gen system. The title promises a real rollercoaster ride in which you'll face fear and paranoia head-first. Will...