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  • Guide How to Fix PSVR's Blurry Image

    Clean up the unfocused image quality of your PlayStation VR headset

    How do you fix PSVR's blurry image? It’s the ultimate immersion killer, after all – there’s a beautiful virtual world rendered all around you, but you’re fighting fog to see it. There’s always going to be some degree of fuzziness when you’re playing PlayStation VR due to...

  • Guide How to Fix Blurry Images in PlayStation VR

    Out of focus

    PlayStation VR's resolution isn't flawless, so you're always going to get some degree of blurriness when wearing the headset. However, if you're struggling to read text or even see what's going on around you, then you may need to make some adjustments in order to get a clearer, focused experience. Here are some things that you can try...