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    Review FIFA 17

    Signing of the summer

    Another year, another FIFA review, although this time around, there's actually a reasonable amount of new stuff to talk about without having dig deep into the finer - and frankly quite boring - technicalities of tweaked gameplay mechanics. Taken as a whole, FIFA 17 is the biggest step forward that the sports series has seen in...



  • News FIFA 17 Kicks-Off in September on PS4

    Powered by Frostbite

    A game can change, as Ray Winstone says on those irritating betting ads. But it's also true of FIFA 17 it seems, as this year's edition of the footie sim will be powered by Frostbite on the PlayStation 4 – a first for the franchise. The game's due out on 27th September in North America and 29th September in Europe, and...