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  • Video Should You Buy Disney Infinity 2.0 for the PS4?


    If you’re a regular reader of this site, Disney Infinity 2.0 probably isn’t placed anywhere near to the top of your PlayStation 4 wishlist. However, that doesn’t mean that the release isn’t worth talking about – especially with Marvel characters at the forefront of the package. As such, we’ve teamed up with our friends at...

  • Video Watch as We Delve into Minecraft on PS4 and PS Vita

    Next-gen blocking

    Our good friends over at Family Gamer TV have been kind enough to send over their videos of Minecraft running on the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The game finally released yesterday on Sony's newest console. If you've been wondering about how Mojang's mega popular title performs, take a look at the seven minute video that we've...



  • Video Meet Skylanders: Trap Team's Buzzer Beak on PS4

    Plenty of buzz

    Forget about Microsoft’s E3 press conference for a few seconds, as we’ve teamed up with Family Gamer TV to bring you the exclusive reveal of Skylanders: Trap Team’s latest character: Buzzer Beak. The toucan meets chicken villain shares similarities with the Free Ranger from Skylanders: Swap Force, as it shares the same element:...

  • Video Should You Adopt Your Own PlayStation Vita Pet?

    We ruffle the fur of Sony's new family release

    Diversity is essential to any system’s success, so while PlayStation Vita Pets may not look like an instant buy for those of you with macho mentalities, we’ve put the release to the test in a family environment. Unsurprisingly, the title’s already proving a big hit, as evidenced in the Family...



  • Video Invizimals Invades Your PS3 and Vita This Week

    Look around you

    You may not be aware of it, but the Invizimals franchise is huge in continental Europe. Spanish developer Novarama’s augmented reality collectathon has not only spawned five games to date, but it’s also secured sticker books, trading cards, and even an animated television show. Now platform holder Sony is aiming to give the...

  • Video The Last of Us: Left Behind from a Family Perspective

    One for the parents

    The Last of Us is certainly not a game intended for children, but its themes are very family orientated. The relationship that builds between protagonist Joel and Ellie in the core campaign will always be best appreciated by parents, while we suspect that almost all adults will be able to relate to the deep bond displayed between...


  • News Here's How to Enjoy PS4 Remote Play with Uncompromised Control

    Problem solved

    The ability to play your PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation Vita is arguably one of the next generation console’s best features, but control limitations mean that it’s not always practical. A title such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, for example – which makes heavy use of the shoulder buttons and thumb stick clicks –...

  • Rumour Avalanche to Open Disney Infinity's Toy Box on PS4

    Sequel to family friendly money spinner seemingly on the way

    Disney Infinity may have been pitched as a big playbox of potential, but it seems like developer Avalanche Software is going to need to have another crack at the concept before truly realising its vision. The company – based in Salt Lake City and not to be confused with Just Cause...



  • Video Will PS4 Launch Title Knack Grow on Gamers Like Uncharted?

    Secret relic

    Ever since the PlayStation 4’s launch last month, we’ve been spending a lot of time with Japan Studio’s throwback platformer Knack. Over on Family Gamer TV, we recently asked two brothers to review the title, and take a deeper look at the co-op aspects of the game.

  • Video How Fun Is Knack in a Family Environment?

    Playing together

    PlayStation 4 launch title Knack hasn’t exactly proven the gem in the system’s software selection that some gaming relics had hoped – but is it any more successful at entertaining a younger audience? Legendary director Mark Cerny famously produced an enormous DualShock 4 controller in order to better understand how the re


  • Video Testing Out Tearaway's Crafty Paper-Based Campaign

    Sticking with Sony's slick new adventure

    You may have missed it amid the PlayStation 4 launch excitement but one of the biggest and most anticipated PlayStation Vita games hit the streets recently. Tearaway takes Media Molecule’s big console creative game smarts and applies them to Sony's handheld. The result is a title with a real console feel...