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  • Review PlayStation Vita Hardware

    The good, the bad and the proprietary

    When Sony's PSP successor was announced last year, it was met with a lot of excitement and anticipation. This fervour was readily apparent at last year's E3 trade show in Los Angeles with extremely lengthy lines to play the system at Sony's booth. While we were fortunate enough to get some hands-on time with the...

  • First Impressions WipEout 2048


    PS Vita’s launch line-up is crammed full of quality, yet WipEout 2048 looks to rocket past many of its competitors right out of the gate. Set before the other games in the franchise, 2048 takes fans back to the start of the anti-gravity racing league and gives SCE Studio Liverpool ample opportunity to experiment with its high-speed baby...

  • News Sony: "WipEout 2048 is Our Biggest WipEout Ever"

    Shoot for the stars

    WipEout 2048 is the most content-rich game in the series, according to Sony's Studio Liverpool senior designer Mike Humphrey. We spoke to Humphrey at the launch of Sony's Vita Rooms UK tour and asked what players will get for their money: Basically when you buy WipEout 2048 — it’s a huge game, it’s actually the biggest...


  • First Impressions Frobisher Says

    Stand on your head

    If Simon Says had an illicit affair with Nintendo’s madcap minigame series Wario Ware, Frobisher Says would be the hyperactive accidental love-child. Honeyslug’s eccentric PlayStation Vita launch-title might not be drawing the headlines like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048, but it's easily the most humorous

  • News PlayStation Vita Launch Details for North America

    Games galore!

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed the games and accessories that'll accompany PlayStation Vita when it launches in North America on 22nd February 2012. Eight first-party titles and 17 third-party titles spread across retail and PSN will land alongside the machine, with Sony promising another ten games within a month of...

  • First Impressions Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

    Do the splitz

    It’s a bit of a shame that Super Monkey Ball has been relegated to launch window fodder. SEGA’s zany primate-populated pseudo-puzzle platformer felt like a breath of fresh air when it debuted on the Nintendo GameCube ten years ago, transforming a basic gameplay concept into something cute and, most importantly, memorable. But an...

  • First Impressions ModNation Racers: Road Trip


    ModNation Racers stole our hearts last summer. The Sony published “Play Create Share” kart racer was a real triumph, championing the best of Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet in one tidy, well presented package. ModNation Racers: Road Trip sees the core ideas from last year’s PlayStation 3 game shrunk down and repurposed for PlayStation...

  • First Impressions LittleBigPlanet

    A stitch up

    The PlayStation Vita was made for LittleBigPlanet. Double Eleven and Tarsier Studios’ latest entry in Media Molecule’s sandbox series is one of the most intelligent experiences available in the handheld’s initial wave of software. Everything from the user interface to the game mechanics has been expertly tweaked and adjusted not...




  • News Capcom COO: Monster Hunter Vita Has To Happen

    Good news all around

    One game made the PSP a success in Japan: Monster Hunter. With series sales in the tens of millions, it proved the system had a lot to offer and became a genuine phenomenon. Capcom would be foolish not to bring the series to Vita of course, and chief operating officer David Reeves knows it. Speaking to MEGamers, Reeves spoke of...

  • News Welcome to VitaGamr!

    Rolling out the red carpet

    Welcome one and all to VitaGamr, the newest site in the Nlife network. We'll be bringing you all the PlayStation Vita news you need, with previews, reviews, interviews and features all covered too. You can join in the discussion in our PlayStation Vita forums, keep up to date with PlayStation Vita games coming soon and...