Far Cry 5 - News




  • E3 2017 Ubisoft Debuts Far Cry 5 Gameplay in New Trailer

    Amazing grace

    After a somewhat controversial game reveal last month, Ubisoft has now treated us to the first gameplay trailer for Far Cry 5. In it, we see two players coordinating an ambush on the cultists as they terrorise some captors. A fully co-op campaign is a big feature of Far Cry 5, which Ubisoft is clearly keen to highlight. We also see...


  • News Far Cry 5 Confirms Montana Setting, Reveal on 26th May

    Back to the open world

    Ubisoft has posted a series of short teasers for Far Cry 5, which also confirm that the game will take place in Montana. You can check out one of the videos below, but there are more here. This follows a long line of rumours which initially pitched Far Cry 5 as a sort of Spaghetti Western set in the 19th century, but now we...