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  • FAQ How Long Will Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Take You to Beat?

    It's a full-length Uncharted game

    Naughty Dog’s been clear what Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is, but there still seems to be some confusion surrounding the project. So let’s make this straight-forward right from the start: it’s a full-length, standalone instalment in the action adventure series. Nathan Drake won’t be present – the game stars...


  • Guide Mastering Bloodborne's Brutal Basics on PS4

    A beginner's guide to Sony's biggest PS4 exclusive so far

    There's a good chance that you've been looking at this week's Bloodborne coverage through worried eyes. From Software's latest foray is a critical darling, there's no doubt about that – but despite it being praised as the first must-own PlayStation 4 exclusive, the developer has a...


  • FAQ How Do You Turn Off the PS4 Controller's Light Bar?

    Dimming the DualShock 4

    One of the iconic features of the PlayStation 4’s new controller is the light bar on the top of the unit. This is used to differentiate between players, provide in-game feedback, and help the new PlayStation Camera to track the device. Unfortunately, it can also be a bit irritating if you have a glossy television or want to...


  • FAQ What Are the Differences Between the PS4 and Xbox One?

    For and against

    Console clashes don’t get much more competitive than the upcoming conflict between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Not since the days of derogatory SEGA commercials has a system showdown promised so much drama. But with two formats vying for your finances this fall, which device is the best choice for you? The following text...


  • Guide How to Succeed As a Sorcerer in Soul Sacrifice

    Break a leg

    Soul Sacrifice is a very good game, but there’s a learning curve that every budding magician must navigate if they are to succeed in the twisted adventure. With the morally dense title now ripping up store shelves, we’ve wrapped ourselves in our favourite raiment in order to bring you some beginner’s tips for the PlayStation Vita...


  • Feature PlayStation Vita Launch Guide and FAQ

    Everything you need to know

    The PlayStation Vita is finally upon us. We've put together an enormous guide to Sony's new console — what it can do, what you need to know and much, much more. We'll update this guide regularly so be sure to check back for new information over the coming days and weeks. Still on the fence about Vita? You might want to...