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  • News Exclusive StarDrone Extreme Vita Trailers Shoot In

    Feast your eyes

    Intrigued by Beatshapers' PS Vita download StarDrone Extreme, but want to see it in action before taking the plunge? Come right this way. We've teamed up with Beatshapers to bring you two exclusive videos of the game in action, plus screenshots you won't find anywhere else. We've also got an interview with the studio lined up to...


  • Interview thatgamecompany - Journey

    An emotional trip

    The long-awaited release date of thatgamecompany's Journey was finally announced recently. Before the follow up to flower trots onto PlayStation Network next month — 13th March for North America, 14th March for Europe and 15th March for Japan — Push Square spoke to Jenova Chen, co-founder and creative director of...

  • News Jazz Up Your Desktop with Our Exclusive Velocity Wallpapers

    Suits you, sir

    In order to celebrate the announcement of FuturLab’s new PlayStation Mini, Velocity, this afternoon, we’ve teamed up with the Brighton based developer to produce an exclusive batch of snazzy wallpapers for you to decorate your desktop with. Managing director James Marsden said: We've had the pleasure of working with one of the...


  • Interview Sony Studios Liverpool - WipEout 2048

    Back to the future

    With Sony calling WipEout 2048 "the biggest WipEout ever", and our positive WipEout 2048 preview available, we needed to find out more about the futuristic launch racer. We sat down with Sony Computer Entertainment Studio Liverpool's Mike Humphrey, senior designer on WipEout 2048, to learn more about this bewitching...

  • Interview Evolution Studios - MotorStorm RC

    Get to grips with the little guys

    Vita won't be short on racing games at launch, but Evolution Studios' MotorStorm RC is doing something a bit different, downsizing the off-road series into remote-controlled cars. We recently got to speak to game director Paul Rustchynsky about cross-platform play, pricing and why Evolution made a mini MotorStorm...



  • Exclusive Start Learning With the Pooyoos on 4th May

    Move gets an education

    Yesterday we reported that PlayStation Move controls are on the cards for Red Johnson's Chronicles, and now we have another exclusive from developer Lexis Numérique. Learning with the Pooyoos is heading to the European PlayStation Store on 4th May with PlayStation Move support from day one. The series has already enjoyed...

  • Exclusive Move on the Cards for Red Johnson's Chronicles

    Should come after release

    Here's a change of pace for you: Lexis Numérique, developers of cutesy WiiWare series Learning with the PooYoos, is bringing a sweary murder mystery game to PSN in the form of Red Johnson's Chronicles. While no PlayStation Move support has been announced by the developer, Movemodo can exclusively reveal that a post-release...


  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Exclusive Content for PS3 and Move

    Start a Net Blitz

    After the disappointment of the PlayStation Move controls in Top Spin 4, tennis aficionados are now looking to Virtua Tennis 4 for a better racquet experience. Sega has just announced the game will land on PlayStation 3 with exclusive content compared to Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Nintendo Wii. Virtua Tennis is as well known for...


  • Interviews Sanzaru Games - The Sly Collection

    Sneaky sneaky

    The Sly Collection is a compendium of three of the best-loved PlayStation 2 adventure platform games, with some additional PlayStation Move minigames too. To find out more about how the three titles made their journey to PS3, we sat down with Glen Egan, President of Sanzaru Games, to talk Move, minigames and shiny, shiny trophies...