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  • Rumour New SSX Title In Development At EA Canada

    If there's one franchise that fans have been longing for on current generation consoles, it's SSX

    The EA developed snowboarding franchise was a huge hit on the PlayStation 2, and it's almost bizarre that it hasn't made the jump to PlayStation 3 yet. We can only assume EA wants to make sure the game's done properly. According to Kotaku, a new SSX does exist and has been in development for two years..


  • News NBA Jam Wouldn't Be NBA Jam Without A Healthy Dose Of Politics

    Politics have always been a prominent component of the NBA Jam series

    It would have been foolish for EA to pass up on them in their NBA Jam reboot. Thankfully, the game's creative director Trey Smith has confirmed in an interview with ESPN that a series of political and cultural icons will show up in the slam-dunkin' arcade title. Famous faces are set to include Bill Clinton, the Beastie Boys,..

  • News EA Canada Racing To Flesh Out NBA Jam On PlayStation 3

    We absolutely adore EA but let's be honest -- they've messed up NBA Jam

    They totally under-rated the demand for the game across all three platforms, and while we've no doubt plenty of Wii owners are clamouring for the ridiculous basketball title, so too are plenty of PlayStation 3 owners. That's why the NBA Elite 11 announcement was so unusual. Players who bought the flagship basketball title on..