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  • News PSN Offline Worldwide as Sony Engineers Investigate

    PlayStation Network down in December

    PlayStation Network is offline, and Sony engineers are currently wielding fire extinguishers in an attempt to put out the flames. While the issues don’t appear to be affecting absolutely everyone, this sounds like a fairly widespread outage, with a vast majority of players affected. Remember when this used to...


  • News PSN Is Down for Some, Sony Has Acknowledged the Issue

    Down but not quite out

    It appears as though the PlayStation Network is experiencing some turbulence tonight, as reports over the last couple of hours or so suggest that the service is struggling. Social features appear to be down, and some users are saying that they simply can't sign in. We can at least confirm that we can't access the PlayStation...



  • News PSN Down as Users Can't Sign In

    Saturday night fever

    Were you planning on getting some late night Saturday gaming sessions on the go? Well tough luck, pal -- the PlayStation Network appears to be down. Waves of reports suggest that users are struggling to sign in, and we can confirm that we're also having trouble here at Push Square Towers. It's been some time since we had a...


  • News PSN Down Again as Sony Acknowledges Widespread Issues


    The PlayStation Network isn't having the best of weekends, is it? Connection errors began on Friday, but Sony sorted things out quite quickly. Unfortunately, the network is now struggling again -- and has been for most of the day. Users are reporting sign in issues and interrupted online functionality. Sony has acknowledged the problems via...

  • News PSN Down for Many as Monster Hunter: World Launches


    Oh man, talk about good timing. Today marks the release of both Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4, but guess what? The bloody PlayStation Network's buggered! At the time of writing we can't get online -- we get the old "under maintenance" message -- and our social media feeds are currently being flooded...



  • News Virgin Media Users Suffer With PSN Sign-In Problems

    We just want to play Destiny 2

    This scribe just tried to sign into the PlayStation Network, only to find the service unavailable. Many Virgin Media users have reported having trouble accessing the network today, with the official PSN server status website saying that: "PlayStation Network services are up and running in your area, but several reports...

  • News PSN Down as Reports Come Flooding In

    Offline and unable to sign in

    So much for sitting down and playing Destiny 2 on a lazy Sunday, eh? The PlayStation Network is down and out at the time of writing, with countless reports of users being unable to sign in on PlayStation 4. Sony is yet to comment, but if this keeps up, we're sure it wont be long until something gets said...

  • News Destiny 2 Down for Scheduled Maintenance Later Today

    Even Guardians need some rest

    Heads up, all you eager Guardians: Destiny 2 will be going offline for scheduled maintenance later today. The timing isn't so bad if you're in North America, but those of us Europe won't be able to have a session until a bit later on in the evening. From 07:00 Pacific (15:00 BST), you'll no longer be able to...

  • News PSN Down For Some as Destiny 2 Servers Struggle on PS4

    Status errors, connection issues, and more

    And it was all going so well! Destiny 2 launched yesterday with only a few not-so-widespread connection issues, but today, it seems as though Bungie's sequel is struggling to stay online for some players. What's more, the PlayStation Network appears to be having problems of its own, with reports of users...


  • News PSN Is Having a Few Problems Again

    PS4 sign in issues are back

    The PlayStation Network has been ever so slightly spotty recently, with sign in issues and PlayStation Store problems rearing their ugly heads for a lot of users. Just the other night, for example. we read that the service went down entirely for most people - but only for a couple of hours or so. Fortunately, we were...

  • News PSN Down for Some as Reports Start Coming In

    Sign in and store issues noted by Sony

    The PlayStation Network is experiencing a few problems, it would seem. Over the last hour or so, reports have been coming in from players who are unable to sign in on PlayStation 4, while others are having trouble accessing the PlayStation Store. It doesn't seem like a truly widespread issue, but something's...


  • News PSN Down Ahead of the Thanksgiving Holidays

    Offline and out

    Ah, of course: it's that time of the year where we all collectively hold our breath praying for the PlayStation Network to stay online. With many of you across the pond getting ready for Thanksgiving, you may be wondering when the PlayStation Network is going to go down. Well, we can report that it's literally just collapsed; the...


  • News PSN Down as Engineers Work to Resolve Issues

    Offline and out

    We thought that Sony was on top of these PlayStation Network outages, but a major DDoS attack seems to have unsettled the firm's good run of form. The service is down again this morning, with the platform holder reporting that engineers are on the case as we type. Offline time has been kept to a minimum of late, so there's a good...

  • News Another Friday, Another Case of PSN Being Down

    What, again?

    Eh? Is this a regular occurrence now or something? The PlayStation Network is once again having issues on a Friday, although they don't seem to be impacting everyone. We're online just fine here at Push Square, but we're seeing reports of service outages all over the web - and Sony has even acknowledged the problem on social media...

  • News It's Friday Night, So PSN Is Down


    Just in time for the weekend, eh? There are reports whipping around that the PlayStation Network is experiencing some issues - although thankfully, they don't seem to be too widespread. Follow us on Twitter for more immediate updates on this outage We can confirm that we're online without any problems here at Push Square Towers, but...


  • News PSN Down For Third Time in Two Weeks

    Let's hope it's another blip

    Uh oh, the PlayStation Network seems to be down again. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been two widely reported outages - although neither has lasted more than a few hours, thankfully. With any luck, this latest downtime will be a similar story. Weighing in with our own experience, we currently can't connect...

  • News PSN Down for Some as Web Rages Over Connection Issues

    Offline and out

    Battlefield 1's servers may be a bit more functional today, but Sony's aren't it seems. While not everyone appears to be affected, reports are swirling that PlayStation Network is having a few hiccups – despite the platform holder failing to comment at the time of typing. Most likely this is just a temporary blip, as was the case...


  • News PSN Down Just in Time for the Weekend

    Typical, eh?

    Uh oh, it looks like the PlayStation Network's down. We can't sign into the service here at Push Square Towers, and we're getting buried in reports from unhappy users. Sony's official status website suggests that there's nothing wrong, but clearly, that isn't the case. We're not looking to jump the gun here, but it's at least worth...


  • News Uh Oh, PSN Appears to Be Down


    We should be enjoying a nice comfy bed instead of penning this super early morning article, but, as they say, there's no rest for the wicked. There are numerous reports flying around claiming that the PlayStation Network is down. We've tried logging in ourselves with no success, and there seem to be more complaints by the minute on social...


  • Guide How to Check if PSN's Down on Your PS4

    Offline and out

    In news that has us positively panicking about our traffic stats, Sony has added a tool to the PlayStation 4 that allows you to check whether the PlayStation Network is down or not. All you need to do to use it is go to the console's 'Settings' page, select 'Network', and click on 'View Status of PlayStation Network Services'. It'll...


  • News PSN Down As Dreaded Maintenance Returns Yet Again

    Offline and out

    Here we go again: the PlayStation Network has fallen flat on its face at the time of typing, as the system spits out maintenance messages while we try to connect. A quick glance at the Twitter-verse reveals that we're not alone, though the UK does appear to be bearing the brunt of the outage right now. Follow us on Twitter for...

  • News PSN Down as Reports Come Flying In

    It's all kicking off

    Whoa, just when we were complaining about today's severe lack of news, we get flooded with reports that the PlayStation Network is down. As far as we can tell, Europe's being hit the hardest, but there are also complaints that it's struggling in North America, too. You can follow us on Twitter for updates If this is indeed...


  • News PSN Down Just Days into 2016

    That was fast

    Oh dear, and there we were praising the PlayStation Network for its stability over the holidays. Sony's online service is currently down for us here in the UK, and we're now getting reports that it's offline for many of you Americans, too. Follow us on Twitter for PSN updates At the time of writing, we can't even sign in, and Sony...



  • News PSN Down Again as Holiday Traffic Surges

    'Tis the season to be offline

    It's actually been a better year for the PlayStation Network, with the number of outage reports that we've written down to a minimum. However, it seems that Black Friday has brought significant load to Sony's servers, as things have been flaky for the past 48 hours now. Yester

  • News PSN Feels the Stress of Black Friday as Some Users Can't Sign In

    Eye of the storm

    Reports are coming in that the PlayStation Network is starting to crack under the pressure of Black Friday, with some users unable to sign in or access the PlayStation Store. With numerous rather tempting deals going on right now, it's safe to assume that the digital marketplace is currently being hammered. Follow us on Twitter...

  • News It Looks Like PSN Is Down as Reports Flood In

    Say it ain't so

    It's been quite a while since the last PlayStation Network outage, so it's a shame that Sony's service seems to be experiencing issues right now. Here at Push Square, we can't sign in or access any related features on our PlayStation 4. Follow us on Twitter for updates Of course, it's not just us – reports that the network is...



  • News Someone Sneezed, So the PlayStation Network Is Down Again

    We're honestly running out of jokes

    Sony has confirmed reports that, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, users are having trouble accessing the PlayStation Network. Namely, the Japanese giant's official PSN Status website lists issues with gaming and social features, PlayStation Video, and the PlayStation Store. A direct quote from the company:...

  • News It Sounds Like the PSN's Having Trouble

    Here we go again

    Can't sign into the PlayStation Network? Is the PlayStation Store unavailable? If the reports that we're getting sent are accurate, Sony's network is having some issues – but the company is aware. Follow us on Twitter for more updates on the ongoing PSN issues According to the PSN's status page, you may have trouble getting...

  • News It's The Weekend, So Of Course PSN Is Down

    Oh, come on

    Well, you can cancel your social weekend gaming plans: the PlayStation Network is currently down, according to countless reports that we've received all within the last ten or so minutes. We can confirm that we're offline here at the Push Square offices, too. Are you about to put your PlayStation 4 through the nearest window? Sit down...



  • News PSN Offline for Some as the Weekend Arrives

    Down and out

    That massive Flash Sale must have overwhelmed Sony's servers, as the PlayStation Network is currently offline. While we're seeing plenty of complaints around the web, not everyone here at Push Square Towers is affected, so hopefully this is a minor hiccup, rather than a full-scale outage. Follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute PSN...


  • News PSN Down for Some, No Word from Sony Just Yet

    Please, no

    Well, there goes that slow news day. We're receiving numerous reports that the PlayStation Network is down, particularly on the PS4. Gotta love those peak times. Follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates on the PSN outage At the time of writing, we're signed in, but we've noticed that our friends list is struggling to load...