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  • News DJMax Respect Dances to PS4 on 6th March

    Not the Dark Souls of rhythm games

    Perennially popular South Korean rhythm-‘em-up DJMax Respect will make its PlayStation 4 debut in North America and Europe on 6th March. This is a first for the series, as it’s never released in Europe on a Sony system before. It’s also the first edition since DJMax Technika Tune, which launched on the PS...


  • News DJMAX Respect Drops a Sick Beat on PS4 in July 2017

    Press left, right, up, down to pay respects

    Rhythm game DJMAX Respect will shake its booty globally in July 2017, publisher Neowiz Games announced at a South Korean event earlier today. The PlayStation 4 exclusive was previously planned for a January 2017 launch, but will now drop in the summer instead. There's no word on whether it will get a...