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  • Poll Will You Be Playing the ANTHEM Public Demo This Weekend?

    Land of the freelancer

    The ANTHEM public demo is set to go live in just a couple of hours (at the time of writing). Available to everyone via the PlayStation Store, the demo could end up being a make-or-break scenario for many players, so here's hoping that EA and BioWare get it right this time. We say that because last weekend's VIP demo was a...


  • News Try Out Knack 2 with Free PS4 Demo Today

    Knack's back, baby

    Knack 2 has secured a sneaky PlayStation 4 demo ahead of its 5th September release. Already available on the European PlayStation Store – and presumably set to follow on American storefronts when they update later today – the taster takes you through the title’s Monastery level, which is a bit of a tutorial as we understand...


  • News Gran Turismo 6 Demo Racing Into View Next Week

    July 2nd, to be precise

    Those of you who can't wait to get your sweaty hands on Gran Turismo 6 will be pleased to know that a demo is hitting PSN next week. On July 2nd you'll be able to put Nissan's Leaf, 370Z and GT-R through their paces on the UK-based Silverstone circuit, which is making its series debut in Polyphony's forthcoming game. A...


  • News Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry Is Definitely Getting a Demo

    Try before you buy

    If you’re still on the fence over Dante’s new look in upcoming PlayStation 3 hack-and-slash reboot DmC: Devil May Cry, then you might be pleased to learn that the title’s getting a demo prior to its 15th January release date. Developer Ninja Theory confirmed the news at a New York Comic-Con panel over the weekend. The...


  • News F1 2012 Demo Races onto PSN This Week

    Pit stop

    Fans of fast cars and chequered flags will be treated to an F1 2012 demo this week, Codemasters has announced. Those that download the taster will be able to sample two of racer’s new modes: Young Driver Test and Season Challenge. The former takes “inspiration” from real-life examinations, and will teach you how to get to grips with...


  • News Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Demo Rolls Out on 31st July

    One shall stand, one shall fall

    Those of you that dare to sample the delights of Activision’s upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will be over the High Moon to learn that a demo is heading to the PlayStation Network next week. From 31st July you’ll be able to touch two single-player missions from the full campaign, in addition to a slice...


  • News Spec Ops: The Line Demo Invades PSN Today

    Armed and ready

    Publisher 2K Games has promised to fire a Spec Ops: The Line demo onto the PS3 later today. It’ll launch as part of the PSN’s weekly update, with a European release supposedly set to follow tomorrow. The demo will allow you to sample two missions from the single-player campaign, as you search the savaged streets of Dubai in...


  • News Super Monkey Ball Vita Demo Rolls into Japan Tomorrow

    Do the splitz

    In news that should have fans of encased primates doing the monkey for the remainder of the day, SEGA has confirmed that a demo for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz will release on the Japanese PlayStation Store tomorrow. The full game will be a mixture of the familiar and the new, allowing players to roll their way through a fresh...

  • News Gravity Rush Demo Floats Onto PSN in Late May

    Topsy turvy

    As speculated, Sony has confirmed that a demo for the hotly anticipated Vita action platformer Gravity Rush will drop onto the PSN on 29th May in North America and 30th May in Europe. That should give you roughly two weeks to decide whether you want to purchase the full title ahead of its release in mid-June. Spoilers: you will.

  • News Dragon's Dogma Demo to Spread Its Wings Next Week

    Feel the heat

    Is Capcom’s mysterious open-world RPG the sleeper hit of 2012 like our Dragon’s Dogma preview pondered earlier today? You’ll be able to formulate your own opinion next week, when a downloadable demo for the fantasy title launches on the PlayStation Store. Due for release on 24th April (and a day later in Europe), the demo will...

  • News Gravity Rush Demo Drops Onto Vita on 30th May

    Gravitational pull

    If that mid-June release date for PlayStation Vita exclusive Gravity Rush still seems too far away, then perhaps you might be reassured by the news that a demo is set to float onto the PlayStation Store on 30th May. Resurrected UK retailer GAME revealed the good news on its Twitter account earlier today. We were actually lucky...


  • News Sound Shapes to Get Pre-Release Demo

    808 sampler

    Sound Shapes has come a long way since it was first unveiled at E3 last year. In a new video, anchored by Queasy Games’ Jason deGroot, the developer has shown off a couple of new environments from the final game, including a kind of space level where players get to take control of a UFO. Don’t worry, the music hook is still present,...

  • News Dragon's Dogma Demo Confirmed for Europe

    Sample the slaughter

    Capcom’s confirmed that it will release a demo for Dragon’s Dogma in Europe. The sampler – currently without a date – will allow players to build their own characters which will be compatible with the full release. The demo will feature two events from the main campaign, including a fierce battle against a Griffin in the...