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  • News Will Twisted Metal Ever Come to the PS4?

    Creator David Jaffe weighs in

    Twisted Metal maker David Jaffe has weighed in on the state of the franchise, releasing a video as response to the “numerous” daily tweets he receives from fans asking about the future of the car combat series. In the ten minute clip, he makes clear that he doesn’t own the brand and so any decisions about its...





  • News Kratos Once Sported a Rather Fetching Blue Tattoo

    God of azure

    Kratos’ trademark look may not have changed much over the years, but series creator David Jaffe has revealed that the fearsome antihero went through a big makeover shortly before the original God of War was revealed to the press. According to the outspoken developer, at one point the protagonist sported blue tribal tattoos – until...


  • News David Jaffe Not Deterred By God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer

    On form

    Outspoken video game director – and God of War creator – David Jaffe has not been put off by the upcoming God of War: Ascension's emphasis on multiplayer. Speaking with IGN, the legendary developer said that he thinks the game looks “cool” and that it is likely to be another “impeccably executed Santa Monica game”. He continued:...



  • News David Jaffe Curses Up a Storm for Amazing Twisted Metal Ad

    Take a shot

    Have you ever wanted to fire a real machine-gun? Well now’s your chance. In order to promote Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming car combat reboot, Twisted Metal, Sony’s pointed an M249-SAW at a real-life version of Sweet Tooth’s truck. All you’ve got to do fire it is visit ShootMyTruck.com and hit your space bar. Seriously. The...

  • News David Jaffe Committed To Twisted Metal for the Time Being

    Staying on the saddle

    Eat Sleep Play managed to rock the video game industry this week by announcing its transition to smart-phone development and the departure of co-founder David Jaffe. With Twisted Metal still a week away from sprinting onto store shelves, Game Informer caught up with the God of War creator to get an update on the outspoken developer’s future plans: Scott [Campbell, Eat Sleep..

  • News Twisted Metal Delayed in Europe, Content Cut

    Rotten tooth

    If you’re anything like us, then you’ll love the Twisted Metal demo that launched on the PlayStation Store this week. Eat Sleep Play’s series reboot is everything we’d hoped it would be and more, boasting a chaotic sense of style that’s grounded in some super deep mechanics. It’s a real throwback treat. But sadly for European fans like ourselves, it’s going to be a little..









  • News Move Support "Not a Good Fit" for Twisted Metal

    David Jaffe squashes hopes for breakfast

    Twisted Metal is on its way to PlayStation 3, but the game won't let you make use of your favourite motion controller, according to a Tweet from director David Jaffe. davidscottjaffe: @iawt No, no move support for TM. Doesn't seem like a great fit. The first footage of the game shows off a flaming-headed...











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