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  • News Earth Defense Force 4.1 Shmup Wings It to PS4

    But only in North America for now

    Spin-off shmup Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wingdiver The Shooter has stealth launched in North America for $19.99. Originally available in Japan, the title flew to Steam in April, but now can be purchased on the PlayStation 4. “Players will step into the shoes of a soldier in Pale Team, an elite branch of the...






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    Review Earth Defense Force 2025

    Alien ant harm

    The biggest bugs in Earth Defense Force 2025 are not the iconic silver-backed ants that grace its outrageously ostentatious box art. The latest entry in Sandlot’s cult co-operative shooter series is a technical disaster, running a gamut of performance blunders larger than its colossal robotic adversaries. However, franchise fans...



  • News Earth Defense Forces 4 Protects PS3 Next Year

    More buggy antics

    The upcoming PlayStation Vita port of Earth Defense Forces 3 clearly isn’t enough to sate Japan’s hunger for oversized bugs – series overlord D3Publisher has announced that follow-up Earth Defense Forces 4 is also currently in development for PS3. The sequel promises to stick closely to the blueprint of previous entries,...