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  • News Sony Completes Turnaround with 10 Year Stock High

    The biggest electronics maker in Japan

    Kaz Hirai will probably be remembered by most for his goofy E3 presentations, but in truth the ex-Sony CEO proved his business credentials by transforming the encumbered organisation back into a global juggernaut. A new article from Hollywood Reporter reveals that the conglomerate’s stocks have hit a 10 year...





  • E3 2017 13 Sentinels, Yakuza 6 Feature on This Year's Badges

    Lovely lanyards

    E3 is so weird that the badges… Actually get sponsored by upcoming games. Whatever, this has given us an excuse to finally break out the E3 2017 article prefix, as it’s been revealed that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will adorn this year’s lanyard fodder. Atlus usually occupies the spot solo, but this...



  • News E3 2017 Will Be Open to the Public for the First Time Ever

    Times are changing

    For the first time in its storied history, E3 2017 will be open to the public. Previously only open to those in the industry, the Entertainment Software Association – which organises the event every year – has announced that an initial allocation of 15,000 tickets will be made available to the public starting Monday, 13th...


  • News Sony Profits as PS4 Sales Continue to Surge

    PlayStation offsets earthquake disaster

    Sony is still in the black, though it can thank PlayStation for offsetting the costs inflicted by Japan's recent earthquake disaster. Profits plunged 42 per cent year-over-year in the three month period ending 30th June, with the company racking up ¥56.2 billion ($542 million) in operating income. The...


  • E3 2016 Attendance Drops as E3 2017 Is Dated

    Ready to go again?

    Whether you enjoyed E3 2016 or not, we're going to do the whole damn thing all over again next year. The ESA has confirmed that E3 2017 – we suppose we better get the tag ready – will run between 13th June and 17th June in 2017, which is more or less identical to this year's show. That's despite attendance for this year's...




  • News Sony's Doing Pretty Darn Well at the Moment

    Company smashes earnings expectations

    For a huge chunk of this site's life, we've reported on Sony's financial losses. You could guarantee that each quarter without fail, the firm would be in the red. But ever since Kaz Hirai took the helm, the company's trajectory has started to change. And, while it's nowhere near the juggernaut that it once...



  • News PS4 Sales Push Past 22.3 Million as Sony Plans Profits

    Holding out for a Hirai

    Hacking scandals and closures caused Sony to sink to yet another $1.1 billion loss for the fiscal year that ended on 31st March, but the organisation is finally planning a profit for the 12 months ahead. The company expects to make a cool $1.2 billion for the coming business term, and while iPhone c

  • News Sony Picks Up 140 Patents from Cloud Rival OnLive's Carcass

    "We have a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming"

    OnLive is shutting down – and Sony's whipped out its cheque book. The platform holder's announced today that it's purchased 140 patents off the closing cloud gaming company, a move which it stresses has earned it a "formidable patent portfolio" in the emerging sector. It's unclear how much it...





  • News See, the Console Wars Don't Have to Be Mean

    Just slimy instead

    War never changes – unless, of course, they’re console wars. Ever since Sony dropped its anti-DRM bomb at E3 last year, both the Japanese giant and Microsoft have learned that the best way to ingratiate themselves to potential consumers is to act like their best friend. Every press conference now concludes with a message of...


  • News Sony's Still Bleeding Money, But PS4's in Beast Mode

    Marathon sprint

    The reason behind Microsoft’s temporary Xbox One price drop is looking clearer by the minute: Sony has now shipped 13.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide – and it hasn’t even been out a year yet. The company added 3.3 million units to the system’s total tally in the quarter spanning July to September, boosting game...




  • News PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust

    PS4 reverses firm's fortunes

    It’s no real secret that the PlayStation 4 is a runaway success, and that’s been reflected by Sony’s latest hardware sales figures. In the platform holder’s most recent financial report, the company claims that its gaming business has seen a 95.7 per cent increase in revenue year-over-year, with the division...

  • Rumour Google Gets Twitchy and Acquires Streaming Site for $1 Billion

    Paranoid Android

    You can’t blame Google for wanting to flash a little cash – after all, with corporate competitors Apple and Facebook both splurging some spare change of late, the search engine giant must have been feeling left out. Fortunately, it’s reportedly managed to find a use for the coins stashed down the side of its office sofa – by...






  • News This Is What Kaz Hirai's Been Up to Over the Past 12 Months

    Smiles and suits

    Since stepping into the big office at Sony Corp, Kaz Hirai’s presence has been diminished across the gaming division. The former PlayStation president now has much bigger fish to fry than petty console disputes, such as the health of a stumbling corporation. Fortunately, the executive’s not been wasting his time playing Rid

  • News Sony Drops Data Loss Appeal, Will Have to Pay £250k Fine

    Chunk of change

    Remember when the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK fined Sony a whopping £250,000 for the PlayStation Network hack in 2011? At the time, the platform holder said that it planned to fight the charges – but it’s since dropped the case, meaning that the firm will be forced to cough up the extortionate sum. "After...






  • News Sony Selling Its New York Headquarters for $1.1 Billion

    Chunk of change

    In a move that has seen the company’s share prices surge by a whopping 12 per cent, Sony has announced that it has agreed to sell its New York headquarters to the Chetrit Group for a whopping $1.1 billion. The electronics manufacturer will continue to operate out of the 37-story building for the next three years, after which it...


  • News Sony's Stocks Downgraded to 'Junk' By Credit Ratings Agency

    Make believe?

    Credit ratings agency Fitch has downgraded Sony’s stocks to ‘junk’ status, according to a report by the Financial Times. The firm dropped the conglomerate’s investment-grade score to BB-, indicating that the company is vulnerable to defaulting on debt. Fellow manufacturer Panasonic was reduced to BBB-. “This wasn't an easy...


  • News Sony Is Slashing 2,000 Jobs in Japan

    Cost cutting

    Sony has announced that it will cut 2,000 jobs in Japan via an “early retirement” scheme. The Next Web notes that the cuts are set to affect the company’s head office the hardest, with 20 per cent of employees set to depart by the end of the year. The move will apparently save the manufacturer a whopping ¥30 billion (roughly $378...






  • Report Scott Steinberg And Rob Dyer Leave Sony

    Seems like there's some major reshuffling going on at SCEA at the moment

    With Peter Dille's office barely cold after his departure earlier in the year, Sony's lost another two executives according a report published by Industry Gamers. The site claims that VP of marketing, Scott Steinberg, and senior VP of public relations, Rob Dyer, are both no longer working at the company. According to Industry..


  • News Hideo Kojima Scores Top Job At Konami

    Konami's promoted legendary developer, Hideo Kojima, to the rank of corporate officer a press release has confirmed

    The promotion makes Kojima one of the top bodies at the publisher, and rightly so. Kojima's been behind some of the best games throughout the PlayStation's lifespan, including the Metal Gear Solid and Zone Of The Enders titles. Kojima's currently rumoured to be working on an NGP title..

  • News Kaz Hirai Takes One Step Closer To The Ultimate Job At Sony

    PlayStation's boss, Kazuo Hirai, has been promoted to executive deputy president at Sony, and is reportedly inches away from taking the top role at the company

    A report on Reuters notes that the current head of Sony's network products and services division (which includes the PlayStation business) will take up his new position on April 1st. The new job put Hirai in control of over half of Sony's..

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