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  • Community Become Legend in Our Official Destiny Clan

    That slogan makes for some really easy headlines

    Scouting the rustic scenery of Old Russia is entertaining enough alone, but it’s infinitely better with friends. Destiny is a title that’s designed to be shared with others; whether it’s the close allies in your Fire Squad or the strangers that you find out in the field, it’s a title that...


  • News The Push Square Forums are Now Open!

    Come say hello

    We've just opened our forums so you can jump into discussion about which Vita game you're most looking forward to, whether Final Fantasy VIII is better than Final Fantasy IX or share your PSN ID, the Push Square forums are the ideal place to do it. We have an official introductions topic for you to tell us a little bit more about...

  • Feature Welcome to the New Push Square!

    Power up!

    We’re going to go out on a limb and bet that you didn’t expect to find an exciting overhaul like this on your daily video game website rounds. But hey, we aim to surprise. Take a moment to soak up your new surroundings, click a few links and gaze at the sparkly new page design: we’ll wait. Just make sure you come back, so we can tell...

  • News Introducing the Push Square Team

    Meet your new friends

    Whether you're a long-time Push Square reader or this is your first visit to our corner of the web, we want you to come meet a few people. We've assembled a stellar team to provide you with top notch PlayStation content, from news and reviews to features and interviews for years to come. Let's get introduced. Editorial: James...