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  • News Code Vein's Multiplayer Lets You Fight Alongside a Friend


    Bandai Namco's shed a little bit of light on how multiplayer works in upcoming action role-playing title Code Vein. Basically, you'll be able to invite a friend to your game and tackle its many challenges together. It should be nice to have the option of seeking help when the going gets really tough. The twist here is that you already...


  • News Code Vein's New Trailer Attempts to Make Revenants Relevant

    Souls mate

    We’re not sure what to think about Code Vein just yet. None of the gameplay footage that’s been shown so far has looked great, and that continues to be true with the title’s third trailer. Many will be drawn in by the anime aesthetic, of course, but it all just seems a bit edgy to us – and it’s not helped by the Saliva-inspired...