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  • News Catherine: Full Body Arranges a Ménage à Quatre

    Ogle some new screenshots

    Vincent looks like he’s going to have his hands full in Catherine: Full Body – and potentially his mouth, too. With pre-orders going live for the expanded PlayStation 3 puzzler in Japan, creator Atlus has released the box art for the re-release, showing the protagonist surrounded by a trio of buxom babes. The game’s...

  • News Catherine: Full Body Comes to Japan on Valentine's Day


    Racy puzzle game Catherine: Full Body is set to launch first in Japan, and it has a double date with the PS4 and PS Vita on 14th February 2019. The flirty and surreal puzzler is getting enhanced for its re-release, with new endings, scenes, and a brand new character. We don't know a whole lot more about the game yet, but a Western release...






  • News Catherine To Tempt European Players In February

    If you didn't cave in and import a North American copy of Catherine earlier in the year, then Deep Silver's got some hot news for you

    The European publisher's revealed that the steamy puzzle platformer is set to launch in February overseas, with a reversible cover allowing you to switch between the game's two provocative female protagonists. If you're anything like miserable lead character Vincent,..



  • News Catherine Sold 200,000 Copies In Its First Week

    Bloody nora

    When Atlus said it had enjoyed its best launch ever with Catherine, we weren't expecting numbers anywhere near the 200,000 mark. But that's exactly what Catherine pulled off in its first week on sale, which is a resounding success for such an unusual title, and a big "oorah" for folks that are getting a bit bored of Shooty Shooty Shooty Game III releasing every other week. For..

  • News Catherine Breaks Sales Records For Atlus USA

    Ever since the first images of Catherine leaked out of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu, there's been an intrigue surrounding the odd-ball puzzle title

    It's strange to us that so many people latched onto the game while ignoring other intriguing Japanese titles such as Shadows Of The Damned, but the video game market continues to prove its unpredictability. Either way, you won't hear Atlus complaining,..






  • News Confirmed: Catherine Seduces The West This Summer

    It's been the "will they, won't they" story of the past few days, but Atlus has finally confirmed that Catherine will come Stateside this summer

    The news comes via the game's official website, which can be found through here. There's no word of a European release, but with the PlayStation 3 region-free, importing the game won't be a big deal. It's the English sub-titles that are most important.





  • News Catherine Delayed Into The New Year In Japan

    Catherine was set to hit Japan before Christmas, but Atlus has just announced that the bizarre title is set to be delayed until February 17th

    It's hard to be too disappointed by this news (seeing as Catherine doesn't even have a Western release), but we assume some folks in Japan are crying over the lack of sheep-people this Winter. Still, at least the delay came with a new, hard date, eh? We're..

  • News Would You Like To Watch The Intro To Catherine?


    We've reported on it quite a few times over the past couple of months. We still don't know quite what to make of it, but we're desperately clinging onto hope that it will get localised in some way (sub-titles are all that's needed) so we can figure out what the sheep-people are all about. The game's intro is embedded after the jump. It features rap, pizza and... Yup, sheep.


  • News TGS 10: How About Another Catherine Trailer? [NSFW]

    Atlus' upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Catherine, is so weird

    This trailer from TGS is just as bizarre as the last one. Once again it's littered with sexual references, dead bodies and sheep-people. What else do you want us to say? We'd love to imagine the Japanese text provides logical exposition to all the bizarre footage, but we're not sure it does. How can you explain the sheep-people?