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  • News Ubisoft Posts Assassin's Creed III Boxart

    It's the American Revolution

    Clearly tired of all the leaks, Ubisoft has come right out and revealed the boxart for Assassin’s Creed III. As anticipated, it shows the American Revolution. Expect more details about the sequel to emerge at the Games Developers Conference next week.



  • News Devil May Cry HD Collection Confirmed For 2012 Release

    Fans of flashy combat, prepare to be excited: Capcom has formally announced the Devil May Cry HD Collection for release on PlayStation 3 next year

    The compilation package will bundle all three PS2 Devil May Cry titles remastered in high-definition. Yes, that includes Devil May Cry 2. You can probably skip replaying that one if you want to. You'll miss out on earning new trophies if you do though,..

  • News Sony Reveals PlayStation Vita's Box

    Drink it up readers

    This is the packaging your shiny new PlayStation Vita will be contained within when you pick up the hardware next year. Sony's European PlayStation Vita product manager, Adam Grant, unveiled the boxart on the PlayStation Blog this morning. In addition, Grant's outlined each of the PlayStation Vita's on-board apps. The post doesn't contain anything we don't already know, but it's..



  • News And Here's Your Tekken Hybrid Boxart...

    .. Albeit in shoddy low resolution, but you totally get the idea right? Tekken Hybrid is a PlayStation 3 exclusive game plus movie bundle, that features Tekken Tag Tournament HD, CG movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance and a demo for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It does that blue/red gradient thing that virtually every other boxart does these days. What's with that?</em>



  • News If Rayman Origins Is Even Half As Good As Its Boxart...

    We recently got word that ex-PSN title Rayman Orgins had been upgraded to a full retail release

    Now Amazon's revealed the game's place-holder boxart. And it's amazing. The online retailer is touting a release date of November 15th for the throwback platformer. We don't think there's any way such an unusual game will release slap-bang in the middle of the holidays, but hey, stranger things have..






  • News Piles Of PlayStation Move Branded Boxart Revealed

    Here's your first glimpse at the European packaging for a bunch of PlayStation Move launch titles

    The pack shots come courtesy of French site Gamekyo, who somehow managed to get hold of the job-lot. We're not too hot on the "You'll Need These" logo on the front of the boxes, but we guess it gets the job done. Perhaps the most notable point of discussion comes on the Sly Cooper Collection..