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  • News This SEGA Pop-Up Book Is the Best Thing You'll See All Week

    Welcome to the Fantasy Zone

    To be this good takes ages – or just a brilliant pop-up book with paper-based versions of SEGA’s most iconic arcade cabinets. Check out this bundle of amazingness: The SEGA Arcade: Pop-Up History includes sculptures of various classic cabinets from the Japanese company, including Space Harrier, Hang-On, and –...




  • News Bloodborne Art Book Will Keep You Awake at Night

    Hunter's dream

    Bloodborne has one of the most consistently grotesque gothic art styles that can be found on the PlayStation 4, but if you want to explore the warped imaginations of the From Software design team that brought it all to life, then this official art book may be for you. It's currently available for pre-order on




  • News This Awesome Art Book Is for the Fans of Naughty Dog

    Turn back the pages

    You may not know it, but Naughty Dog turns 30 this year. The award winning Californian studio was first founded by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin way back in 1984 as JAM Software. Five years later, it changed that name to the one that you’ll recognise, and set to work on its first full title: Keef the Thief for the Apple IIGS and...


  • News You're Going to Want This Metal Gear Solid Anniversary Book

    Complete collection

    If you’re a Metal Gear Solid fan with a room full of memorabilia already, you’re probably going to want to purchase this 25th Anniversary book bundle. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite that simple. In order to get hold of the collection, you’ll need to enter a raffle on Konamistyle. Winners will then be given the option...

  • Book Review Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

    Buccaneers and buried gold

    Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth opens exactly as you’d expect it to. The franchise’s affable protagonist, Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake, is pictured driving through a tropical backdrop with a beautiful girl to his side – and a host of gun-toting thugs flashing submachine guns in his rear-view mirror. Within a single turn...


  • News Journey Art Book Scales Your Coffee Table Next Month

    Bound in blood

    Journey will be making one final excursion next month, when The Art of Journey travels onto shelves across the globe. The hardcover book – penned and designed by art director Matt Nava – features images from the game, and discusses the influences and ideas behind its development. It also includes in-game 3D models, which can be...