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    Review Brawlhalla

    Free for all

    Fighting games are difficult to get into. To be truly good at a Tekken, or a Street Fighter, you need to have grown up alongside them, learning their systems, and mastering at least one of their characters’ movesets. In order to stay competitive, you need to keep playing, studying minute details like the number of frames in an...

  • News Free-to-Play Fighter Brawlhalla Punches PS4 Next Week

    It's all kicking off

    Brawlhalla, a free-to-play Smash Bros.-esque fighter that's been in early access on PC for some time, finally has a PlayStation 4 release date. We didn't get to have a proper go of the game's recent beta on Sony's system, but we've heard plenty of good things about it. Hopefully it turns out to be another free release that's...