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  • Report 2K's Working on a Top-Secret BioShock Title

    Would you kindly be excited?

    Uncovered as part of an excellent Kotaku report on Mafia III’s missteps, a new BioShock game is in development at a top-secret 2K Games studio next door to Hangar 13. According to the article – penned by the ever-reliable Jason Schreier – the Mafia maker was working on an espionage adventure, before it slipped into...




  • News BioShock: The Collection Is Now PS4's Worst Kept Secret

    American ratings reveal rapturous return

    The bathysphere including official information on BioShock: The Collection has yet to surface, but that's not stopped the North American ratings board ESRB from temporarily classifying the forthcoming PlayStation 4 compilation. While the info's since been pulled, this is the third time that the t




  • Rumour BioShock Collection Steps into PS4's Bathysphere

    Would you kindly

    We've chalked this up as a rumour for now, but you can send us to Rapture if it doesn't eventually happen. South African retailer Raru – we know, we know – has listed The BioShock Collection for release on the PlayStation 4. There's no original artwork so the retailer could just be acting presumptuously, but this series is...




  • News 2K Marin to Be BioShock's Big Daddy Moving Forwards

    Hold hands

    Despite the disbandment of Irrational Games, the BioShock brand will go on bamboozling fans – this time under the watchful eye of 2K Marin. Those of you with strong memories may recall that the Californian studio was partly responsible for the divisive sequel BioShock 2, which this author actually preferred to the original. Not







  • Game of the Year Bronze Trophy - BioShock Infinite

    God only knows

    Bold, brash, and brimming with more out-of-place Beach Boys records than a music store aimed at industrial rock fans , it’s hardly surprising that BioShock Infinite soared to the summit of our Game of the Year poll speedier than protagonist Booker DeWitt when strapped into a bizarre lighthouse contraption. Irrational Games’...



  • News BioShock on Vita Brand New Game

    Ken Levine promises Vita's BioShock is not a port

    Ken Levine let us know about BioShock on PS Vita during a brief appearance during Sony's E3 Press Conference, simply revealing that his studio is bringing the franchise to the system in one way or another. But we were still in the dark as to how exactly Irrational Games was going to be doing this...



  • News 28 Weeks Later Dude In The Picture For Bioshock Movie

    Variety are reporting that Universal Pictures are in contact with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo over a Bioshock movie adaptation

    Gore Verbinski was originally pencilled in to direct the movie, but he's now moved into a producer role, preferring to direct a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. We actually think Bioshock would make an amazing movie. No snarky comments from us.