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  • News You'll Be Able to Play The Last of Us While It's Downloading

    What sorcery is this?

    Remember how Sony touted the ability to play games while they’re downloading as one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest new features? Well, the impending The Last of Us will totally do that on the platform holder’s current console. Naughty Dog told Game Informer that while you’ll h

  • News This PS4 Trailer Is Really Cool, Even If It Is Fake

    So, you want to play?

    No matter how much you want it to be authentic, we’re afraid to say that this incredible PlayStation 4 trailer is as false as your grandparents’ teeth. A representative for Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed to Kotaku that the footage was not produced nor released by the company, meaning that it’s little...

  • News Andrea Pirlo: 'After the Wheel, the Best Invention Is the PlayStation'

    Football icon reveals his love for Sony's system

    It's not exactly a secret that footballers enjoy playing the odd video game every now and again – after all, there's no better way of avenging a real-life defeat than winning a game of FIFA 13 on the PlayStation Network. There is one player who seems to enjoy booting up his PlayStation more than...


  • News Killzone Trilogy Confirmed for 23rd October

    Lots of bang for your buck

    Sony and other publishers have brought a fair share of trilogies, HD remasters and combo-packs to PS3. Announced today by Guerilla Games is one of the best we've seen, however, with Killzone Trilogy confirmed for release on 23rd October in North America, and just a day later on 24th October in Europe. As the title...

  • News Don't Try This Insane Assassin's Creed Parkour at Home, Kids

    This is no game

    Excited about a live-action Assassin's Creed movie? Well Parkour expert Ronnie Shalvis has already made one, and it thankfully features no tortuous dialogue, hammy acting or needless exposition - just lots of free-running and death-defying leaps of faith.


  • News LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Open to EU PS Plus Gamers, Right Now

    Get karting

    The beta trial of LittleBigPlanet Karting on PS3 opened a little over a week ago, but as this is a highly anticipated title the demand has meant that many have, so far, missed out. It seems that Sony can't get enough of your feedback as registration and, most importantly, access is now available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the EU...

  • News EVO 2K Videos Show Off Incredible Fighting Skills

    We'll never be this good

    If the 15 minutes of Netherrealm's Injustice fired up your appetite for fighting game footage, these videos from last weekend's EVO 2K tournament should hit the spot. Players from all over the world headed to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, with some truly dazzling skills on display. Here are some videos of the final...

  • News NiGHTS into Dreams Makes PSN Dreams Come True

    At last!

    In a move that made at least one Push Square staff member a little too excited, SEGA has announced it's to re-release legendary SEGA Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams on PSN later this year. The download will come with enhanced HD graphics, 16:9 widescreen support, leaderboards and Trophies, or you can relive the original 32-bit experience in...


  • News SEGA Reveals Jet Set Radio for PS Vita

    Let's get funky

    SEGA's just announced that Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio is coming to PS Vita this summer. The enhanced port of the game that made the world fall in love with cel-shading (until The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker anyway), Vita owners will be able to use their system's touch screen and camera in-game. You can apply graffiti using...


  • News SingStar Dad Raises £2,800 for Hospital, Breaks World Record

    A song to remember

    Earlier this year we brought you news about Julian Hill, a Dad who was planning to complete a 24-hour SingStar challenge for charity, specifically raising money for London's Great Ormond Street Hospital as a thanks for the life-saving operation provided to his baby daughter. The great news is that this challenge has now been...


  • News Download the Free WipEout Generation Soundtrack Now

    Beating the drum

    For many PlayStation fans, the sound waves of WipEout are a cultural touchstone. That’s especially true for the “WipEout Generation”, a group of independent music producers who – inspired by the work of former series composer Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) – have written and performed their own free WipEout themed...

  • News God of War 'Demake' Now Available

    Free for PC

    The God of War series is arguably amongst the best-known franchises on PlayStation 3, and one recent release that has grabbed our attention is an 8-bit re-imagining of these titles' universe. It may seem like an unlikely project, but that's exactly what indie developer Holmade Games has produced. The indie developer decided that it...

  • News MotorStorm RC Free For U.S. Vita Owners

    Tough luck, Europe

    The release of Vita has coincided with a revamped digital strategy, with a clear aim that certain experiences and titles will be available for low, if not smartphone-low, prices. Great news for gamers, though Vita owners in the U.S. are getting an extra treat this week. It's been announced on the PlayStation Blog that Motorstorm...


  • Out Today PlayStation Vita (North America and Europe)

    It's finally here!

    The wait is over: PlayStation Vita is finally available in Europe and North America. The console went on sale at midnight across the western hemisphere, with launch parties in major cities welcoming Sony's gleaming new handheld to the world. If you've already got your Vita from a midnight launch or are heading out to pick it up...

  • News First Shiny Sonic 4: Episode 2 Screens Leak Out

    Heads or Tails?

    Trust to leak screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 before SEGA's given us more than a teaser and some concept art. The screenshots — all embedded below for your pleasure — show Sonic and Tails engaging in some, er, co-op action, with online and offline options available. Sonic fans will pick up on any number of...

  • News The Push Square Forums are Now Open!

    Come say hello

    We've just opened our forums so you can jump into discussion about which Vita game you're most looking forward to, whether Final Fantasy VIII is better than Final Fantasy IX or share your PSN ID, the Push Square forums are the ideal place to do it. We have an official introductions topic for you to tell us a little bit more about...

  • News Dad Takes on 24-hour Singstar Challenge for Charity

    Singing to thank children's hospital

    A father is planning a rather challenging 24-hour marathon of SingStar in order to raise money for London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. Julian Hill will be performing as a thanks to the charity, who performed life-saving open-heart surgery to save his one-year old daughter, Amelia. It will take place in...

  • Feature Welcome to the New Push Square!

    Power up!

    We’re going to go out on a limb and bet that you didn’t expect to find an exciting overhaul like this on your daily video game website rounds. But hey, we aim to surprise. Take a moment to soak up your new surroundings, click a few links and gaze at the sparkly new page design: we’ll wait. Just make sure you come back, so we can tell...

  • News Introducing the Push Square Team

    Meet your new friends

    Whether you're a long-time Push Square reader or this is your first visit to our corner of the web, we want you to come meet a few people. We've assembled a stellar team to provide you with top notch PlayStation content, from news and reviews to features and interviews for years to come. Let's get introduced. Editorial: James...


  • News House of the Dead 3 and 4 Lurch Towards PSN

    Don't suffer like G did

    After last year's House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut, SEGA's keeping the green blood flowing with two more shooter ports for PS3, but this time they're heading to the PlayStation Store. On 7th February the North American store gets House of the Dead 3, complete with PlayStation Move support, Trophies and HD...


  • News These Incredible Images Were Made with LittleBigPlanet 2

    And Move too

    You can create almost anything in LittleBigPlanet 2: games, music and even bona fide art. Media Molecule recently held a competition to share the greatest Move artwork with the world, and it resulted in some stunners. The Move Masterpieces competition just ended with the winner, September Girl by natuhito, proudly displayed here. There...


  • News Konami Confirms New Little King's Story for Europe


    In a week of fantastic Vita news, here's the cherry on top. Konami has confirmed it's bringing New Little King's Story to Europe in 2012. We have new screenshots below. Let the good times commence. KONAMI unveils New Little King’s Story for PlayStation®Vita Incredible new role-playing game heads to new Sony portable system Konami...

  • News Sony Promising Special Move Add-On for BioShock

    Here's hoping for an arm drill

    If you were excited about BioShock Infinite before, prepare for new heights of anticipation. Sony has revealed the game will launch alongside an exclusive, as-yet secret PlayStation Move peripheral. According to Sony, it will "drawn you even deeper into the stunning vision of a parallel future", which could...


  • News PlayStation Access Episode 4 Features Very Familiar Faces

    Special guest stars

    Sony's online show PlayStation Access is a good way to keep up with all the happenings in the world of PlayStation, and the most recent episode is certainly no exception. The show takes in the recent Eurogamer Expo, where PlayStation Vita was available for hands-on impressions in the UK for the very first time. But wait a second...


  • News New Little King's Story Coming to Vita

    Playable at TGS

    In news that has sent at least one more PlayStation Vita sale heading Sony's way, it's been revealed that a follow-up to Wii classic Little King's Story is on the way to PlayStation Vita, and will be playable at Tokyo Games Show in September. Currently titled New Little King's Story, the game features the original hero King Corobo...

  • News 30 Glorious Minutes of Resistance 3 Move Analysis

    Courtesy of Waggler

    Itching for Resistance 3? It's a month away — not long now. Want to see the game's Move controls in action before you can buy the game? Then scroll down, friends. Our friend over at iWaggle3D has put together a Resistance 3 PlayStation Move analysis video showing how the game handles with Move and Navigation in hand, from the...


  • News Welcome to VitaGamr!

    Rolling out the red carpet

    Welcome one and all to VitaGamr, the newest site in the Nlife network. We'll be bringing you all the PlayStation Vita news you need, with previews, reviews, interviews and features all covered too. You can join in the discussion in our PlayStation Vita forums, keep up to date with PlayStation Vita games coming soon and...

  • News Meet VitaGamr for PlayStation Vita!

    The newest site in our empire!

    PlayStation fans, meet the newest member of the Nlife gaming network: VitaGamr. VitaGamr will be heaven to anyone interested in PlayStation Vita, bringing you news, reviews, interviews and features about Sony's new handheld gadget. We've already got First Impressions of Little Deviants as well as a PlayStation Vita...

  • News Resistance 3 Is Making a Right Bloody Mess

    Guts everywhere

    When it's released in September, Resistance 3 has a few tricks up its sleeve to entice PS3 owners to pick it up. As well as arriving with demos of Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Infamous 2 on the Blu-ray, letting you try some of Sony's biggest 2011 titles out before you buy, the game will also come with a fantastic-sounding...

  • News 15 Glorious Minutes of BioShock Infinite Await

    What are you waiting for?

    There's no bigger third-party Move game than BioShock Infinite, and here's 15 minutes of video from Irrational Games' heavenly-looking shooter. We've not seen much of the game's PlayStation Move controls yet, but if they can live up to the quality currently demonstrated by the rest of the game it'll be happy days indeed...


  • Guide Dominating Online in Killzone 3 with PlayStation Move

    Sitting pretty at the top

    Killzone 3 has been out for a good while nowadays, and the fact that PlayStation Move is a dominating force is no secret any more. Between the explosive action found in the campaign, amazingly balanced online and superb Move controls, it’s no wonder that game found itself a top score in our Killzone 3 review. One of our...

  • News This Custom Painted Sharp Shooter is Pretty Sweet

    Beats red, anyway

    The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is available in two different colours: red in Europe, off-white in North America. Neither looks very much like a gun, which is why enterprising Joe Cosentino decided to take matters — and a paintbrush — into his own hands. His custom-painted Sharp Shooter complete with unique grips is one of...



  • News No More Heroes Trailer Looks Like a Bloody Good Time

    Another adults-only Move title

    No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (known as No More Heroes: Red Zone in Japan) is bound to make waves when it comes to PlayStation 3 later this year, much like the original No More Heroes on Wii all those years ago. The trailer below, despite being in Japanese, should give you a pretty clear idea of what to expect from...


  • News These Awesome Nikes are Our New Favourite Move Accessory

    Ten on the beau foot scale

    Move's a lovely item to hold in your hands for sure, but if you wanted to show your love for the controller on your feet you've been all out of luck – until now. Sony and Nike have combined to create two limited edition pairs of sneakers to honour the launch of PlayStation Move and the upcoming arrival of Killzone 3. The...