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  • News Er, Avatars Are Coming to the PS4's PlayStation Store Next Week


    If we were Sony, we wouldn't have publicised this. Almost two years after the system's launch, you'll be able to buy non-stock avatars from the PlayStation 4 version of the PlayStation Store. Embarrassingly, these icons could only be purchased from the PlayStation 3 edition of the PlayStation Store previously. Absolutely mental, eh? The good...


  • Guide How to Change Your Profile Picture on the PS4

    Say cheese

    In addition to a standard PlayStation Network avatar, you can also display a real photograph of yourself to your chosen friends on the PlayStation 4. These images can be grabbed from your Facebook account. You’ll need to ensure that your profile is linked to your Facebook account before following these steps. 1. Go to the PS4 Settings...

  • Guide How to Change Your Avatar on the PS4

    Icon options

    Your avatar is the first thing that other players will see on the PlayStation Network, so you’ll need to pick a good one if you want to be respected by the rest of the population on the PlayStation 4. Fortunately, it’s easy to pick a different icon – you just need to follow these simple steps. 1. Go to the PS4 Settings Screen...

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