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  • News Days Gone Key Art Mixes Tranquillity with Terror

    Time to run

    Everyone knows that the best way to do horror is to mix idyllic scenery with deadly enemies, and Days Gone is doing exactly that in its key art. The image shows protagonist Deacon St John in the centre, chilling out next to his motorcycle, as the sprawling Oregon countryside surrounds him. But lying in front of him are three dead bodies,...

  • News Reminisce with Recreations of the Spyro Trilogy's Original Cover Art

    What's old is new again

    Just as Vicarious Visions did with the original artwork from Crash Bandicoot's PSone trilogy, Toys for Bob has recreated Spyro's box art from the first three games, and they look excellent. Take a look at each of them below: But some of the impact is lost unless you can compare them to the originals, right? Well, Reddit...





  • News God of War Concept Art Reveals Harsh Weather

    Winter is coming

    Sony Santa Monica’s always been home to some of the best artists in the industry, and the team’s flexing its muscles once again with the new God of War. A batch of new concept art from the title shows protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus out and about in the Nordic wilderness – and in one image, on the verge being attacked by...


  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Still Looks Amazing in Pixel Art

    Focus on this

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is hands-down one of the best looking video games ever released, but what if it opted for an almost Game Boy Advance-esque aesthetic? That's what this mock-up by Japanese artist Toyaken21 aims to illustrate – and it's got us drooling over some kind of side-scroller starring Aloy as a result. What do you reckon?...


  • News Art from Sony Santa Monica's Cancelled PS4 Game Surfaces

    Make of it what you will

    Sony Santa Monica's mysterious PlayStation 4 exclusive sci-fi title was cancelled many moons ago, but have you ever wondered what it looked like? Up until recently all we had to go on was a codename – Darkside – and a sneaky tease hidden inside God of War Ascension, but now some concepts have been uncovered on artist...





  • Weirdness This Is the Jak & Daxter Sequel You'll Never Play

    Jak the lad

    It's no secret that Naughty Dog started work on a new Jak & Daxter game for the PlayStation 3. The developer has spoken openly about this over the years, explaining that it spent a lot of time prototyping new ideas, before eventually opting to create The Last of Us instead. "We were questioning ourselves: were we doing this for...


  • News Shaheen Shows Off His Glorious Shoes in Tekken 7 Art

    Lord of the rings

    We never posted about Tekken 7's previous character announcement. The fact is that we were way too busy to get around to it, but we also couldn't find the words to do it justice. For those of you with your finger on the industry's pulse, you'll be all too aware of the controversy that Lucky Chloe caused. And if you're not – well,...



  • Weirdness What if The Last of Us Remastered Was for Kids?

    Once upon a fright

    “I’m the host of a fungus that grows in my brain, but it keeps off the sun and it keeps out the rain.” That’s the ditty that complements this brilliant children’s edition of The Last of Us, which is one of many incredible Dr. Seuss-inspired video game adaptations by Australian artist DrFaustusAU. The talented illustrator...


  • Weirdness What if Animals Got Infected in The Last of Us?

    Pet sounds

    It’s an extremely mild spoiler, but you do encounter several different animals throughout the course of Naughty Dog’s survival horror opus, The Last of Us. These land-based mammals, however, are not infected like their human counterparts, which has left us pondering what a post-apocalyptic United States would look like with reanimated...


  • News You'll Play as This Trendy Man in PS4 Shooter Far Cry 4

    Just your average psychopath

    Protagonists often play a big part in new game announcements, but it’s perhaps telling that Ubisoft has opted to wait until after Far Cry 4’s big coming out party to introduce you to Ajay Ghale – the character that you’ll be playing as in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 first-person shooter...




  • News Snow White Sure Looks Scary in Soul Sacrifice Delta

    Once upon a grime

    Snow White looks a shadow of her innocent Disney counterpart in these grotesque Soul Sacrifice Delta sketches. The famous protagonist from the popular fairy tale has been given a torturous makeover for the recently announced re-release, which sees the original demon slayer expanded with hours of brand new content.


  • GamesCom 2013 Ready at Dawn Trots Out Images of The Order: 1886's London

    The big smoke

    Few games make us want to well up with excitement more than inFAMOUS: Second Son, but Ready at Dawn’s mysterious third-person shooter The Order: 1886 certainly sits among that list. While the PlayStation 4 exclusive isn’t technically on display at GamesCom this week, the studio has been giving behind-the-scenes presentations of...

  • Weirdness This Simpsons Style The Last of Us Art Is Excellent

    Why you little...

    Duffman can’t breathe – especially when he ends up face-to-face with a Clicker from The Last of Us. This brilliant piece of artwork by DeviantArt user Raqos reveals what would happen if the cordyceps virus spread to Springfield. We must admit, the very thought of an infected Bart Simpson makes us want to ‘Ay caramba’...


  • News Frobisher Says' Animated Ladies Were Too Saucy for Sony

    Cor, blimey!

    Ross Phillips’ brilliant ‘Smile at the Ladies’ mini-game in the zany PlayStation Vita exclusive Frobisher Says was originally too saucy for Sony, according to artist Dick Hogg. In an interview with the wonderful online art gallery Venus Patrol, the illustrator explained: “It is really cool to be able to contact some guy on the...


  • News Jazz Up Your Desktop with Our Exclusive Velocity Wallpapers

    Suits you, sir

    In order to celebrate the announcement of FuturLab’s new PlayStation Mini, Velocity, this afternoon, we’ve teamed up with the Brighton based developer to produce an exclusive batch of snazzy wallpapers for you to decorate your desktop with. Managing director James Marsden said: We've had the pleasure of working with one of the...


  • News These Incredible Images Were Made with LittleBigPlanet 2

    And Move too

    You can create almost anything in LittleBigPlanet 2: games, music and even bona fide art. Media Molecule recently held a competition to share the greatest Move artwork with the world, and it resulted in some stunners. The Move Masterpieces competition just ended with the winner, September Girl by natuhito, proudly displayed here. There...



  • News Resistance 3's Box Art is Frankly Superb

    Don't believe us?

    As much as we love the ongoing battle between humans and Chimeras, we never thought Resistance 3 and art would be such happy bedfellows, but the newly revealed box art for the upcoming shooter is nothing short of superb. The artwork comes from the desk of respected UK artist Olly Moss, whose style harks back to Saul Bass's...


  • News Make Your Own Obscene Dartboards Easily in Top Darts

    Perfect for your boss

    Late last year Devil's Details released the darty party game Top Darts on the PlayStation Store, and one of its unique features was the ability to create your own dartboards using video or photos snapped with the PlayStation Eye, or images taken from the system's XMB. If you struggled to create a corking masterpiece, help is at...