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  • News Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Charges into Battle with a PS4 Demo

    An early victory

    We reckon that Arslan: The Warriors of Legend looks like it could be a pretty good Warriors-style game, but if you'd like to sample its chaotic battlefields and snazzy art style before buying, you're in luck. Koei Tecmo has announced that a playable demo will be charging onto the PlayStation 4 on the 12th January. The demo will...




  • News Japan's Getting Yet Another Limited Edition PS4

    Fit for a prince

    Adding to the copious amount of limited edition consoles already available in Japan is a newly announced Arslan: The Warriors of Legend PlayStation 4, which is based upon the upcoming hack and slash title from Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. Perhaps it's not worth getting too excited over, though, as the machine's simply...