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  • News BBC's PS4 iPlayer Updated with 4K Ahead of Inaugural England Match

    Tunisia in

    The BBC is killing it at the moment, with its PlayStation VR powered World Cup experience in particular dropping jaws. However, it’s not done kicking competitor ITV while it’s down just yet, as it’s just updated the PlayStation 4’s iPlayer app to support 4K streaming on the PlayStation 4 Pro ahead of England’s first match versus...


  • News Spotify App Receives a Spring Clean on PS4

    Update for audio

    The PlayStation 4’s excellent Spotify app has received a bit of a spring clean today, upgrading its user interface ever so slightly. While the changes are admittedly minimal, we’ve just had a browse around and it’s a definite improvement over the previous build. Your app should update automatically if your PS4’s in Rest...






  • News Twitch Streams to PS Vita Screens with New App

    Live and kicking

    While Sony's busy removing apps from the PlayStation Vita, Twitch has opted to roll out its own official client for the portable. The free download – which weighs in at 16.7MB and is available now in Europe – will allow you to watch livestreams and recorded videos, and is even compatible with the ill-fated PlayStation TV. It's...


  • News Get Champions League Score Updates While You Play PS4

    And radio commentary

    Fair play to Sony: we quite like the Champions League app on the PlayStation 4. For those of you that haven't been using it since launch, it basically includes a simple fantasy football game and score predictor mode, as well as classic match highlights and more. But the latest update includes some nifty features, including...


  • News Recreate Gogglebox with the All 4 App on PS4

    Hollyoaks, here we come

    Just in time for Christmas: the All 4 app is launching today on the PlayStation 4. This means that you'll be able to spend your holidays watching old episodes of Peep Show, while simultaneously declaring Homeland's Claire Danes "the one". The app will, of course, include access to Channel 4 catch-up content, as well as...

  • News Stay in Touch with PlayStation Messages App for iOS, Android

    App happy

    As the old adage goes: one app is never enough, so why not have another one? Sony's whipped PlayStation Network messaging functionality out of the PlayStation app, opting to create a standalone PlayStation Messages app to complement it. Available right now for iOS and Android devices, the free download promises to help you "contact your...


  • News PS4's Twitch App Streams to the NA PlayStation Store

    Stream scene

    If you've been twitching over the prospect of watching people play video games on your, er, video game console ever since a native Twitch app was announced for the PlayStation 4, then you may be thrilled to learn that the functionality has rolled out in North America today. It's important to note that this isn't a replacement for Live...

  • News 7 Reasons You Should Grab the PlayStation Access App on PS4

    Like, share, subscribe

    Sorry, we're not really going to list out seven reasons why you should download the PlayStation Access app on the PlayStation 4, that was just a gag… About the team's countdown lists… And YouTube… And – never mind. We are big fans of the channel, though, and figured that you should know that you can get your regular...


  • News Twitch App to Stream to PS4, PS3, and Vita This Year

    Watch people play games on your games console

    The stream scene has been twitching for one very important feature since the PlayStation 4's launch: a native Twitch app allowing all broadcasts to be viewed on the new-gen console. There's good news coming out of TwitchCon 2015 today, then, as it's been announced that a new client will deploy on the...

  • News Sony Unlikes Facebook on PS3, Vita, and PlayStation TV

    Zapping Zuckerberg

    Sony's dumping Facebook functionality from the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV. The features will be fully terminated in January 2016, though various applications have already been removed from the PlayStation Store. "We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding," a...

  • News Play UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football Exclusively on PS4

    They are the champions

    Isn't it nice when marketing initiatives actually result in pleasant things? Sony's partnership with the UEFA Champions League – the biggest club football competition on the planet, Americans – has been running for years now, but this season it's decided to create a pretty nifty app for the PlayStation 4. Unimaginatively...



  • Rumour ITV and Channel 4 Streaming to UK PS4s

    'Appy now?

    Does anyone even watch television "live" anymore? Fair enough, sporting events are best enjoyed as they happen, but we can't remember the last time that we sat down at 19:00PM on the dot to catch the latest episode of Emmerdale – it's all about on-demand these days. It's frustrating, then, that the PlayStation 4 has been missing the...

  • News You Can Finally Watch Taylor Swift Videos on PS4, PS3

    Everything has changed

    Spotify may be missing Taylor Swift's back catalogue, but Vevo will fill that Blank Space. The music video streaming service – owned and maintained by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Google – will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Europe later today, bringing its massive library of...


  • News HBO GO Sits in the PS4's Iron Throne from Today

    Ice and fire

    It's taken its sweet time, but HBO GO will finally stream to the PlayStation 4 from today in North America. The application will work just like the PlayStation 3 version, and will ask you to authenticate your console with your current cable/satellite service through here. Once you've done so, you'll be free to catch up with shows like...


  • News Spotify Streams to PS4, PS3 in Partnership with PlayStation Music

    Music Unlimited out on its ear

    Fans of every artist except Taylor Swift will be able to treat their ears to some premium audio streaming on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 this year, as Sony has teamed up with Spotify to launch a new PlayStation Music service. This will deploy in 41 markets around the world soon, and will bring with it all 30...

  • News PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game Goods Soon

    Sony also pulling the plug on YouTube

    This isn't going to do anything to reassure people that the PlayStation Vita is alive and well. Sony has announced this morning that it will be discontinuing support for the YouTube, Maps, and Near applications on its flagship handheld soon. The video streaming software will be delisted from the PlayStation...


  • Guide How to Increase the Number of Apps Displayed on the PS4's Home Screen

    More content

    We reckon that the PlayStation 4’s user interface is incredibly slick, but there is one major flaw that lets the overall design down. This pertains to the main content ribbon, which can extend for an eternity if you’ve got a lot of games and apps installed. Thankfully, PS4 firmware update v2.00 fixes this issue by stashing...

  • Guide How to Access the PS4's YouTube Application

    The cats are calling

    Even we thought it was strange when the PlayStation 4 launched without a native YouTube application – but we suppose that this is the same company that just deployed PlayStation TV without Netflix. Fortunately, the format holder has realised the error of its ways, and dropped Google’s video streaming service onto its system...

  • News You Won't Be Doing Much Video Streaming on PlayStation TV

    Turn off

    Sony may want to check that it’s not breaking any advertising standards here, as the PlayStation TV seems like a pretty poor video streaming system. Back at E3 2014 earlier in the year, a laborious Shawn Layden monologue mentioned that the diminutive device would host plenty of “video and music streaming services”. As it turns out,...



  • News Sky Go and Now TV Send a Signal to PS4 This Summer

    The sky's the limit

    While the PlayStation 4 may be a much more capable gaming console than the PlayStation 3, it’s yet to really catch up to its predecessor in the media department. Fortunately, the format holder is hoping to close that gap in the UK this summer by teaming up with media giant Sky to bring both Sky Go and Now TV to its next...



  • News PlayStation Vita Gets App Happy in North America

    Anime, hockey, and concerts

    Starting now in North America, you'll be able to download three new applications for your PlayStation Vita: Crunchyroll, NHL GameCenter Live, and Qello. Adding to the long list of apps that already includes the likes of Crackle, Facebook, Flickr, NBA Game Time, Netflix, Skype, Tune In Radio, and YouTube, it's safe to say...

  • News HBO GO Starts Streaming to Your PS3 Today

    Turn on your TV

    The very popular and often asked for HBO GO application is finally making its way to the PlayStation 3 today, killing you productivity in the process. Downloading the software will allow you to stream shows such as True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, and, of course, Game of Thrones. Back in January, company gaffer Richard Plepler...







  • News Skype Eager to Arrange a Video Conference with PS4

    Microsoft committed to cross-platform

    Skype may be one of the Xbox One’s most prominent features, but that’s not stopping Microsoft from considering a PlayStation 4 version of the popular application. Chatting with the BBC as part of the video conferencing tool’s tenth anniversary, corporate vice president Mark Gillett explained that the...

  • News You'll Be Able to Purchase and Download PS4 Games Wherever You Are

    Every little helps

    While the act of actually booting up the PlayStation 3's store to purchase software has become increasingly convoluted over the past couple of years, the PlayStation 4 is going to make things really simple. Responding to a request on Twitter, likeable Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that you won’t even need...

  • News Music Unlimited Is Not Going to Be Totally Useless on PS4

    Sony amplifying streaming application

    Another announcement that got largely overlooked during Sony’s fruitful GamesCom 2013 press conference last week revolved around the improvements that the manufacturer’s making to its Music Unlimited application. While the service has garnered some popularity on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, it’s always...


  • News Vita's Friend Network Application Makes Hooking Up a Breeze

    Mingling madness

    If you’re a touch antisocial in the skin, then PlayStation Vita’s upcoming Friend Network application should get you chatting in no time. The download – which stars PlayStation mascot Toro – has been available in Asia for a while now, and allows you to “visualise your friends and gaming buddies through the use of avatars...

  • News YouTube Application Broadcasts to European PlayStation 3s

    Streaming solutions

    Those of you in Europe will finally be able to waste your evenings watching videos of cute kittens instead of playing video games, as Sony has confirmed that it’s bringing YouTube to the PlayStation 3. The native application – already available in North America – will launch later today, and will allow you to browse...


  • News Far Cry 3 Makes the Madness Mobile with Companion App

    Island insanity on the go

    Feel like you've accomplished everything Rook Islands has to offer in Ubisoft's latest first-person frenzy, Far Cry 3? What about the competitive multiplayer and co-op modes? To keep things feeling fresh, the publisher has released a brand new companion application for the shooter on iOS and Android – and best of all,...



  • News DUST 514: Neocom Details Enter the Atmosphere

    Never stop playing

    DUST 514: Neocom is not a PlayStation Vita version of CCP Games’ upcoming free-to-play shooter – but it is an interesting idea nonetheless. The application will allow you to interact with various elements of the PS3 game, including load-outs, messages and more. While the download won’t necessarily feature any gameplay, it...

  • News Native YouTube Application Streaming onto PS3

    Broadcast yourself

    You’ll no longer have to wrestle with the PlayStation 3’s sluggish web based version of YouTube, because the system is getting its own native application. Polygon reports that the free download will support high-definition video, enhanced search functionality, and more. Apparently you’ll also be able to use a connected...

  • News Vita's Facebook App Nets New Features

    What's on your mind?

    Sony’s released an update for the PlayStation Vita’s free Facebook app. The small download adds the ability to share your location, upload photos using the Vita’s cameras, and search for new friends. The app’s also been enhanced with various performance upgrades, resulting in a smoother experience. You can download the...


  • News PS3 BBC Sports App Scores a Few Extra Pixels

    Now in high-definition

    If you were worried that you weren’t going to be able to see Jessica Ennis’ incredible... Er, gold medal winning performances in high-definition, then your prayers have been answered. Sony has announced that the beta version of the BBC Sports App currently available for PS3 has been upgraded to support high-definition...

  • News The Laugh Factory is Bringing the Humour to PS3

    Tickling PS3's funny bone/processor

    While most time spent on a PS3 may be for playing, you know, games, the system has undoubtedly become an all-out entertainment hub since it launched. Sony has now announced another service that's almost guaranteed to amuse: The Laugh Factory. For those that don't know, The Laugh Factory is a comedy club in...


  • News YouTube Application Now Available for PlayStation Vita


    Those of you lucky enough to live in the US can now watch your favourite cute kitten videos on the go. Sony has launched the PlayStation Vita’s heavily anticipated YouTube application, which allows you to watch videos in both standard and high definition via the handheld's striking OLED screen. The application boasts many of YouTube’s...

  • News BBC Sports Application Enters Beta on PS3

    Anyone for tennis?

    Those of you across the pond have our permission to tune-out while we inform our UK readers that the BBC Sports application for PS3 has entered beta. The free download – currently available from the “My Channels” area of the XMB – will allow you to stream a “huge quantity” of sporting events directly from Sony's home...

  • News Catch Up with Vita's Free Discovery Apps

    Something for nothing

    It’s not all big budget blockbusters on PlayStation Vita. Sony has released a brand new trailer dedicated to highlighting some of the platform’s free titles, also known as Discovery Apps. Sure, the trailer wastes a few precious seconds showing off YouTube, but there’s also a quick glimpse of upcoming freebies such as...

  • News YouTube Broadcasting to Vita in June

    On the air

    Soon you’ll be able to keep track of your favourite online personalities on the move, as Sony has announced it’s adding a free YouTube app to the PlayStation Vita in June. The download will be available for free from the PlayStation Store, and will feature many of the functions from the full video sharing website. You’ll be able to...


  • News Sony Announces Trio of New Apps for PlayStation Vita

    New ways to play

    Even the harshest critics of the PlayStation Vita’s line-up would find it hard to complain over the past couple of weeks. Sony’s essentially been announcing a new game or application every day, and while there’s been nothing particularly breath-taking revealed, it all starts to add up. Continuing tradition, Sony’s taken to...

  • Store Update 2nd May 2012 (Europe)

    Awesomenauts, Skullgirls and free Frobisher Says! included

    It's PSN update day here in Europe with a lot of content for your consideration, some of it free. Let's get started. PS3 Games: Awesomenauts (Trial also available)It’s the year 3587; conflict spans the stars. Huge robot armies are locked in an enduring stalemate. In their bid for galactic...

  • Store Update 1st May 2012 (North America)

    Awesomenauts, Mortal Kombat, Max Payne and more

    It's time for another PSN Store update, North America, and it's a typically eclectic mix of fun, light-hearted titles alongside grizzly, violent classics. Without further delay, let's get into it. PlayStation Plus: Early Access:Pixel Junk 4am Closed Viewer BetaVelocity (Free PS mini)Free Downloads:Aw


  • Store Update 24th April 2012 (North America)

    Skype, Walking Dead, Dragon's Dogma demo and more

    This week's new PSN content is available in North America, so here's what's on offer. Vita owners, you get add-on content and Skype but no games — sorry. PlayStation Plus: Full Game Trials:The Cursed CrusadeBattlefield 3 — Battlefield 3 reviewDiscounts:

  • News Skype Calls on PlayStation Vita This Week

    Who's there?

    Popular internet phone service Skype comes to PlayStation Vita this week as a free app. The app lands in North America today and Europe tomorrow, with support for both 3G and Wi-fi models. You can use Vita's rear or front-facing cameras to make video calls, plus have the app running in the background while you play, so you need never...

  • News Earn Trophies for Getting Out Of Bed with Wake-Up Club

    The ultimate incentive

    You know, the last thing we want to do when we oversleep is deal with a dozen angry clouds – but that’s exactly what Vita’s upcoming Wake-Up Club involves. The free application — which transforms your expensive handheld into a glorified alarm clock — is designed around the creepy concept of “encouraging others to...

  • News Paint Park Transforms Vita into an Expensive Colouring Book

    Draw something

    Sony’s announced a trio of new applications for the PlayStation Vita today, starting with the complimentary Paint Park. Available this week for the grand sum of nothing, the sketch-pad app will transform your Vita into a high-tech colouring book. You’ll be able to use the various touch interfaces to draw and paint, and even...


  • News Social Apps Keep You Connected on PlayStation Vita

    What's happening?

    The PlayStation Vita is a game device first and foremost, that much is fact. But the system’s also capable of interfacing with a range of social networks. Outside of the onboard PSN and Near applications, Sony’s also pledged full support for some of the web’s most famous communication portals. Due for release on the...


  • News Flickr Application Drops Onto PlayStation Vita In Japan

    More of a heads-up for those of you with import PlayStation Vitas, this

    As promised, Sony's released a Flickr application for its new handheld in Japan. The application allows you to browse photographs using the system's gorgeous five-inch OLED screen. It's got a pretty spiffing interface, as demonstrated by this hands-on video posted by The Verge. The application should be available day-and-date..

  • News Netflix is Coming to PS Vita

    Ready your queue

    Sony's executive deputy president Kaz Hirai took to the stage at CES today to announce that Netflix will be bringing its video streaming service to PlayStation Vita in the United States. Hirai added that Netflix is aiming to have the app ready for the system's launch come 22nd February. It's unclear whether Europe will see the app...


  • News PS Vita Video Showcases More Apps and Games

    Friends list, multiplayer, chat and more

    Chances are you've already heard about all the neat PS Vita Apps launching with the system, like Near, Party and Welcome Park, as well as third-party apps like Facebook and Twitter. But aside form those big name applications the system will also feature staples like friends lists, calenders and chat. In the...

  • News PS Vita App Lets You Broadcast Gameplay Video to the Web

    Show off

    That's the one thing we miss about playing portable games compared to big screen gaming: you can't show off your accomplishments and skills quite as well with such a small screen. Good news, then, that an upcoming Vita app will let you share your finest moments with the web through live game broadcasting. Nico Nico is a video viewing...


  • News Check Out the PS Vita Twitter App

    Follow us

    Earlier this month Sony revealed the pre-loaded PS Vita Apps launching with the handheld. Aside from those first-party apps however, the system will also house applications for popular social network services like Facebook, FourSquare and Twitter. Engadget just took the latter of those three for a spin, giving us a look at how the popular...

  • Feature Europe's Vita Box and Launch Apps Look Like This

    Start cooing now

    Vita may not be out until next year, but that doesn't mean you can't find out exactly what you'll be seeing on shop shelves when the console launches. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe hardware product manager Adam Grant took to the PlayStation Blog to reveal the console's box and pre-installed applications. The box itself isn't...


  • News Know Your Enemy with Killzone 3's Facebook Application

    Warning: causes arguments

    It's easy to tell who's your enemy in Killzone 3 – the glowing red eyes and guns pointed at your face are a dead giveaway – but in real life it's not so simple. It's a good job, then, that Sony and Guerilla Games has created the Killzone 3 Know Your Enemies app for Facebook that aims to help you sort your friends from...

  • News Get Fit with Mel B Gets iPhone App to Track Your Progress

    Never be away from your fitness goal

    Move fitness title Get Fit with Mel B is one of the better keep fit titles available on PS3, and now its take on getting up and active has been beefed-up with an official application for iOS devices. The app lets you keep track of your exertions in conjunction with the Get Fit with Mel B website, letting you...


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