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    Blast from the past

    Before the musical camaraderie of Rock Band and before the introduction of plastic instruments with Guitar Hero, Harmonix was making a very different kind of rhythm game. The developer has long been a master of this genre, with a history on PlayStation stretching back to 2001 with the release of FreQuency on PS2. Its 2003...

  • News Amplitude Brings the Beat Back on 5th January

    Sound of the underground

    Cult PlayStation 2 classic Amplitude will finally return in rebooted form on the PlayStation 4 this 5th January. You may recall Harmonix crowd funding this revival – well, it's finally ready for release. The title will include "high-fidelity visuals, new songs, and a sci-fi narrative" all set to the title's trance-inducing...



  • News Amplitude Pumps Up the Volume in Fresh PS4 Footage

    Insane lanes

    Harmonix may have had to take the concept to Kickstarter, but a true PlayStation classic is making a comeback next year. Amplitude may not have sold gangbusters, but it wheedled its way into the hearts and minds of Sony fans on the PlayStation 2 – and this forthcoming PlayStation 4 reboot is sure to bring back a few fond memories...