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  • News Kevin Butler Returns To PlayStation In Dramatic Style

    After concern that PlayStation icon Kevin Butler had quit Sony late last week, we can confirm that the straight-faced executive is back

    Sony's announced via the PlayStation Blog that it's launching a brand new marketing campaign with Butler at the forefront. The new campaign is entitled 'Long Live Play' and is set to takeover various websites, TV networks and retailers in North America from today..

  • News Kevin Butler Leaves Sony?

    It seems Kevin Butler, president of many things PlayStation related, is taking time out from the company

    The fictional character executive revealed on his Twitter account overnight that he is leaving PlayStation in order to head up his Uncle's economy flooring company. Butler even updated his Twitter profile picture to reflect the change. Whether this is a comical end to Kevin Butler's reign as..

  • News GameStop's Testing Out A Console Game Streaming Service

    US retailer GameStop is testing a new cloud gaming service expected to release next year, according to GamesIndustry

    biz</a>. GameStop purchased Spawn Labs earlier in the year with the aim of facilitating a cloud gaming service and offering “a wide selection of high-definition video games on demand on any internet-enabled device". “Spawn recently began its first beta and is currently..

  • News US Retailers Note Increased Demand For PlayStation 3 Post Price-Cut

    With the PlayStation 3 now down to $249 in North America, US retailer GameStop has started to detect an upswing in demand for the platform

    "We have seen a significant acceleration in the sale of PlayStation 3," GameStop president Tony Bartel told GameStop wasn't the only US retailer to notice an increase in sales for the PS3 either. Target echoed a similar sentiment in..

  • News July NPD: Sales Drop, NCAA Football 12 Tops

    Ever since we've played video games, we've struggled to get our head around the furore surrounding EA Sports' NCAA sports titles

    For those that aren't American and don't understand, NCAA stands for (as we understand it at least) National Collegiate Athletic Association. These are essentially teams — in a variety of sports — made up of college students. Even more bizarre is that the top selling..

  • Feature PlayStation Vita's Launch Schedule Doesn't Make Sense -- 'Twiggy' The Push Square Opinionator

    We always knew it was a likely scenario, but we chose to believe otherwise

    Sony never officially said the PlayStation Vita would get a worldwide launch this year, only ever really committing to a Japanese launch. "Phased global rollout" was the textbook buzzword Sony used. But we believed because it made sense. How could Sony not put the PlayStation Vita out in all major markets before..

  • News PlayStation Vita Clears FCC Testing

    Well, at least you guys in the US have something to be pleased about

    After this morning's rumours that PlayStation Vita might be delayed in Europe, Engadget's reporting that the device has passed FCC clearance in North America. Engadget explains that this "is widely regarded as the final step before a consumer electronics device is shipped to retailers here in the States". The take-away..


  • News June NPD: Patrick Seybold You Sly Dog, You

    Turns out Patrick Seybold was very crafty with his wording of inFamous 2's sales success

    While Sucker Punch's super-hero adventure might have been the top selling single SKU in June, it did not manage to outsell its multiplatform rivals L.A. Noire and Duke Nukem Forever. But that's ok, we'll forgive it that. Finishing up in third on the multiplatform sales chart is a very good result for inFamous..

  • News inFamous 2 Shocks June NPDs, Takes Top Spot

    It's not often that a PlayStation 3 exclusive tops the American sales charts, so let's all celebrate the news that Sucker Punch's inFamous 2 dominated the NPD software charts for the month of June

    “According to the latest NPD report, PlayStation continues to see growth in software with a strong demand for exclusive PlayStation 3 franchise titles,” SCEA's Patrick Seybold gloated in a press..


  • News April NPD: PlayStation 3 Hardware Strong, Mortal Kombat King

    PlayStation 3 sales were strong in North America last month, making the current PlayStation Network outage all the more frustrating

    Sony's system managed to outsell both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, snapping up sales of over 200k units. Microsoft XBOX 360 continued to dominate in the region. Mortal Kombat was the big software winner, selling nearly a million copies and placing a spot above..


  • News March NPD Sales: Pokemon Tops, MLB 11: The Show Charts

    With the NPD ceasing to provide hardware numbers, this month's report is restricted to software we're afraid

    And it's a pretty uneventful month for PlayStation to be honest, with the interest surrounding the Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly, it was a Nintendo DS game that topped the charts for March, with Pokemon White taking the top-spot and Pokemon Black following it up in second. Homefront finished..

  • News Jack Tretton Says Sony's In 'Growth Mode, Not Cruise Control'

    SCEA's gaffer Jack Tretton has said that the platform holder has not peaked yet with PlayStation 3, and that it is still in "growth mode"

    The exec told Fast Company that the platform was just getting going with regards to line-up, accessories and new features such as 3D. When you look at all the games Sony still has left to release this year, it's hard to argue. “We’re really just hitting our..











  • News SCEA To Kick Off Kevin Butler Inspired Marketing For PSP

    SCEA's preparing an all new ad-campaign for the US

    The promotional spots will riff off Sony's now infamous Kevin Butler ads, with the arrogant Sony exec replaced by 12-year old PSP fanboy Marcus Rivers. His first spot will cameo Butler mind, with the kiddy-winkle teaming up with the K-man to bust some "noob kids". Sony are readying adverts for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Modnation..

  • Report Blu-Ray Is A Primary Motivator When Buying PS3s

    Research company Nielsen's discovered that one of the primary motivators for consumers buying a Playstation 3 is the blu-ray playback functionality

    After polling a relatively small sample of 700 people, the company found that 65 per-cent of would-be consumers thought blu-ray was a pretty big deal. 62 per-cent said they wanted access to the PS3's extensive games library. God Of War III ranked as the..

  • News Sony Launch Official "Protection Plan" For PS3/PSP

    Playstation hardware is usually pretty reliable

    Particularly this generation, where the PS3 and PSP have been two of the more sound units on the market. That's not to say they are faultless pieces of hardware - no electronics are - but their respective system failure rates are typically lower than other pieces of hardware on the market. Sony, however, wants to give you peace of mind. And that's why..




  • News Sony Get Back To The Old Days: Trash-Talking The Competition

    After a successful six months or so for Playstation 3, Sony are feeling pretty buoyant

    It's a mood emphasised by Sony's VP of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer, as he talks 360 in a recent interview with IndustryGamers.“We do better for our publishing community than 360 does,” the SCEA man said. “As our installed base starts catching up and gaining on 360, you’re going to see the publisher side..

  • News Sony: Playstation 3 Stock To Be Tight Over The Next Few Months

    Sony's warned that Playstation 3 stock will be tight over the coming months

    SCEA's director of communications, Patrick Seybold explained the company are working hard to ensure stock is available for everyone. "We're working very hard with our retail partners to meet consumer interest, but the demand is tremendously high for the PS3 and we expect tight inventory in the coming months,"..

  • News Sony Fare Well In January NPDs, Lose Out To Microsoft & Nintendo

    Despite a decent month for January in the US, Sony's PS3 lost out to both the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii for the month of January, according to the NPDs

    Sony shifted 276.9k units during the month, a respectable number, but they were some way off Microsoft's 332.8k tally. Regardless, both Sony and Microsoft fell to the might power of Nintendo once again, with the DS and Wii shifting almost 900k units..

  • News Pach-Attack: Playstation 3 Hardware Sales Up Massively In January

    Everyone's favourite video games analyst Michael Pachter has come away from the glitz of his GameTrailers TV spot to talk hardware sales, and most importantly the Playstation 3's performance this January

    Pachter reckons it's looking pretty good. In his pre-NPD report, the analyst cited that he reckons the PS3 will be up 62 percent over January 2009, scoring approximately 330k console sales for the..

  • News Playstation 3 To See Greatest Year Over Year Growth In January

    Hardly a surprising revelation, but one analyst believes that Playstation 3 will see the greatest YoY growth in next week's January NPD report

    Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee reckons that the PS3 will keep its momentum throughout January and "will have the best year-over-year growth in January among all consoles." This is on the back of the PS3 Slim's release, and some much stronger..